Tinos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, is a popular destination for weddings. Its stunning beaches, picturesque villages, and rich cultural heritage make it an ideal place to tie the knot. Tinos has managed to maintain its traditional architecture and way of life. Walking through the island's narrow streets, you'll find whitewashed houses, picturesque chapels, and traditional windmills. Tinos is blessed with

In the wedding planning business, a few years in so far, we have explored all the must-see destinations and venues to have a wedding in Greece. However, one destination still enchants us very much: our darling island, Rhodes! We fell in love with Rhodes for its sunny climate, wonderful sea, enchanting medieval town, and irresistible gastronomy. We are happy to share with you

As we’ve already talked excessively about why choosing Greece to get married is truly a step towards the most memorable wedding day ever, today we’re back with why planning a honeymoon in Greece is a guarantee for the most romantic days ever. Curing all the post-wedding blues, a honeymoon is something that every couple looks forward to. Though there are many honeymoon things

We’re always head over heels for a destination wedding in Greece, yet this wedding in Andros took our breaths away. The inspiration behind this elopement was the authentic greek personality of a traditional wedding in Greece, with nods to elements of the past like crochet finished fabrics, the warmth of raw leather, and effortless florals just picked from the garden. After all, we

A wedding in Hydra has been definitely a popular choice for couples in the last couple of years, and an exciting destination to explore along with the couples if you’re a wedding planner in Greece. Why? Because Hydra is one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands and the noblest isle in the Argosaronic Gulf. The moment you arrive on Hydra, you instantly feel the change

Decoration and aesthetics play a huge part in our daily lives, pretty natural for a wedding planner you’d say, and coming up with creative ideas for all the destination weddings in Greece we’ll be hosting is our cup of tea! After a year with multiple ups and downs (we’re talking about you 2020!), we took some time to focus on the new year

Christmas is a feeling rooted deep down in who we are. A safe space, a place that love grows, days and moments sparkling in clarity. For us, Christmas is about the people we love, about coming together, celebrating in a way that is rich in meaning. In Eventions, Christmas is all about sharing the feeling of being grateful, content, and loved. We’re always celebrating