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Our planning studio was born from our passion for creative concepts, filled with beautiful details and out of the box design for a perfect destination wedding in Greece. We love romantic Mediterranean weddings, with eclectic décor, bursting with flowers and love. We use our heart, skill, and enthusiasm, to create unforgettable celebrations of love under the Greek sun for the couples that choose us. 

Our style evokes the happiness of sun-kissed summers, peachy sunsets, and breathtaking seaside landscapes of the Greek islands that we’re hopelessly in love with. We’re also passionate about making your wedding planning a joyful experience for the couples that want a destination wedding or elopement in Greece! 

You’re probably reading this because the thought of getting married abroad has crossed your mind (we bet you have a Pinterest Board about Mediterranean weddings!). We’re in love with a destination wedding in Greece and we want you to be too! The country offers some of the prettiest locations in the world to get married and the atmosphere is always so warm and welcoming. In this blog post we’re hoping to break down all the important things you should be considering for your destination wedding in Greece, shall we? 

What is a destination wedding? 

A destination wedding in Greece is a celebration held in a location away from your hometown or country. Many of our couples, celebrate a destination wedding and use their wedding location as the starting point of a romantic honeymoon around Greece (that’s the ultimate dream!). Maybe Greece is where you fell in love or seen in movies (yes, we’re talking about Mamma Mia or Endless Blue!), and it is a country that can support many styles and concepts as diverse as each couple, prolonging the wedding experience forever! 

Why choose a destination wedding? 

A wedding like these is for the couples that want to give their families and friends a wedding experience and a culture trip all in one. Getting married here focuses on savoring the local traditions and getting immersed in the unique universe that’s Greece. A destination wedding focuses on the feeling of togetherness and sharing an adventure. 

In our books, for a destination wedding in Greece, it is best to choose local vendors. We can help you choose the location, the venue, and navigate the process of planning a wedding in a foreign country. We have trusted local vendors we’ve been working with for years and years and we know what to expect and what to advise our couples. We have creative florists, pastry chefs, caterers, amazing 

music bands, and all the people you might need in speed dial, ready to come together and create an unforgettable experience focused around your love! 

What is the cost of a destination wedding in Greece? 

The first question of every couple we meet is how much does a destination wedding in Greece cost. In that, you need to take consideration of the differences in the wedding industries of each country that result in different rates and prices. Also, a wedding budget has a direct link to where, when, and how you’re planning a wedding. The cost of your wedding celebration largely depends on your style, needs, and budget. 

The Eventions team will work side by side with you to create the wedding you’ve been dreaming about. We will advise you on where to spend and where to save, use our vendors that always offer discount pricing since we have established a valued business relationship, and give you insight on everything you need to know for your wedding in Greece. In a nutshell, the budget of a wedding is highly dynamic and depends on the season, location, and overall styling. If your heart is set on Greece for your wedding day, book our free consultation call to see how we can help you create your perfect wedding!

Where is the best place to get married in Greece? 

Is there even an answer to that question? It has to do with your character as a couple, your style, and the type of wedding you’re hosting. Our team has planned weddings all over Greece! A favorite of ours is Rhodes, our hometown, and our secret pride and joy. Also, Kastelorizo, the land of soulmates as they call it in Greece, is the tiny island of our choice for dreamy and colorful wedding days. Symi and Halki are some of the finest islands to get married if you want a celebration that smells like Greece but isn’t like all those you’ve seen before. Also, staying in the Dodecanese Islands, Nisyros and its volcanic charm will create a breathtaking experience for you and your guests. For our timeless couples, Santorini is a classic and breathtaking location that never loses its charm. Also, the mother of all things Cycladic and pretty, Mykonos will forever be the destination for unforgettable wedding celebrations. And while we’re talking about the Cycladic vibes, Tinos and Patmos are places that speak the Eventions language and will be lovely for a modern and contemporary affair! The Aegean features dozens of islands that can host your wedding! Also, the Athenian Riviera is a lovely location with a unique landscape and dozens of pretty venues to host a wedding. Moreover, for those that love the Mediterranean olive-groves-and-stone aesthetic Peloponnese is the perfect location. Mani, Pilos, Kalamata are lovely wedding locations in Messinia with a subtle Tuscan and south-of-France vibe while being completely unique and unlike any other place in the country – the choices are endless in Greece! 

We’d be happy to get to know you, your style, and work together in making your wedding dreams possible! Schedule your call and let’s find out! 

What Is Needed to Get Married in Greece? 

What Are the Legal Requirements to Get Married in Greece? 

You don’t need to be a citizen or a resident of Greece to have a destination wedding in Greece. However, if you’re marrying a Greek citizen or resident, he or she must hold a valid residence permit. Some legal requirements may vary depending on the city or island where you plan to get married, so it’s always a good idea to check with local authorities. We’d be happy to help you with all the paperwork bits and bobs and take your pre-wedding stress away.

The legal minimum age for marriage is 18 years old. Younger couples can get married if they receive special dispensation from a court, which also requires parental permission. You’ll also have to go through a waiting period between your application for marriage and your wedding day. This waiting period will vary depending on the municipality where you choose to marry but can take anywhere from a week to a few months. For a civil marriage license, you can expect a seven-day waiting period. 

To make things clearer the types of weddings you can have in Greece are a Symbolic wedding with an authorized celebrant or a representative of the greek state, a civil wedding in the City Hall, and religious wedding ceremonies like Orthodox weddings, Jewish weddings, Catholic Weddings, etc. We can help you with the required paperwork according to the type of ceremony you’d like to have!

What do you need to get married in Greece? 

Necessary Paperwork and Documentation 

Many couples have a religious ceremony, so we thought fit to include the required documents for a religious ceremony in Greece as a reference and to give you an idea of what you should expect. However, fear not, we will be at your side helping you along the way!

Each party to the marriage will need a copy of the following documents. For a religious ceremony, plan to have two copies each – one for the house of worship and one for the town hall: 

A valid passport 

A birth certificate with the Apostille stamp certifying the copy 

An official Apostille translated into Greek, which can be certified by a lawyer, a foreign ministry’s translation department, a certified translator or the Greek consulate from your home country 

Proof of freedom to marry, or affidavit of marriage, notarised, in both English and Greek 

A decree of absolution of your previous marriage, if applicable 

A copy of the local newspaper where your intent to marry was published 

US citizens may be able to avoid applying for a Greek marriage license if they have a US marriage license that can be amended to include Greece. 

Especially for a religious wedding, the requirement may vary for each parish. Wondering what are the legal and religious requirements? We can help you. 

Popular Destination Wedding Locations and Venues In Greece 

Greece is full of stunning wedding locations, appealing to modern couples, classic or eclectic ones, dreaming of a never seen before wedding experience. Put plainly, the land offers something for everyone! In close dialogue with you, we design the most inspired backdrops, activities and arrangements to create a wedding day that captures the spirit of the love you share. Vibrant hues, organic textures, and lush botanicals – all tie into the festive atmosphere, bringing the feel and allure of a modern and beautifully curated wedding tale. 

Some of the most popular and (some of our favorite) wedding locations we love are the following: 

Destination Wedding in Rhodes 

Why choose it?

Rhodes, the capital of the Dodecanese, an island which is ideal not only for couples that see their wedding as an opportunity to relax but also for those looking for an action-packed experience for them and their guests! The island has an international airport with many connecting flights, making it very easy for couples from all over the world to fly in Rhodes along with their guests. With its bright green hills, rich green valleys, and uninterrupted line of golden beaches, the island is truly magical. Add in the excellent facilities for tourism, the island’s special blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, and numerous cultural and archaeological sites and you’ve got the perfect wedding destination. Rhodes’ Town is an amazing combination of medieval battlements, eclectic 20th-century architecture, tall modern buildings, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters!

Why we love it? 

The island has plenty to offer wedding wise. There are a variety of venues you could choose from, modern or classic, hotel or estates, private villas or sandy beaches can host your wedding. Our team will help you find what speaks to your heart and create something unique for you, inspired by all things pretty and Mediterranean! 


Why choose it?

Nestling at the foot of a steep rock and beautifully surrounded by the sea lies the traditional settlement of Líndos; on the top of the same rock stands a centuries-old acropolis, proudly overlooking the archipelagos. The acropolis bears silent witness to Líndos’ glorious past, a major naval power of ancient times. The landscape of Líndos encapsulates the essence of Rhodes: a surprisingly felicitous blend of ancient and medieval! 

Why we love it? 

Lindos is perfect for the couples that want to introduce their guests to a cultural wedding experience. It is popular on and offline for its cosmopolitan beauty. Modern and creative or classic and refined, each couple can have a rich in meaning wedding day in Lindos. We’ve been to Lindos a million times and we know all the pretty corners, venues, and how to make your celebration stand out for its fresh style and beautifully curated details. 

Destination Wedding in Kastelorizo 

Why choose it?

Despite being very small, Kastelorizo was known in antiquity as Megisti (“Great One”). According to the “official” interpretation, this was because it is the largest of the surrounding islands. Then again, it could perhaps be because the ancients had already realized it’s great geopolitical importance, is located at the southeastern edge of Greece and Europe, and comprising a maritime crossroads between East and West. 

The small, car-free town of Kastelorizo looks like a painting, with its harbor full of caiques and its colorful houses with red-tiled roofs. Sounds idyllic?

Why we love it? 

In our eyes, Kastelorizo is the perfect wedding location for an intimate micro wedding. It’s hip, has an old-world charm while still being modern. Definitely, a place to adore, we’ve designed some of our favorite weddings there. Plus, legend has it that those who get married there, stay in love forever. It’s colorful, it’s small, it’s picturesque – it’s all you need for a perfect wedding day! 

Destination Wedding in Symi 

Why choose it?

Colorful, stylish neoclassical houses, great restaurants, and fantastic beaches are part of the reason Symi has acquired a dedicated following. Every step tells a unique story on the island that feels like 1890. Just before sunset, we love to take a stroll along with the Kali Strata, the 500 stone steps that once served as the island’s main commercial thoroughfare and the only link between the neighborhoods of Horio, high up on the hill, and Gialos, Symi’s port. The scenic path offers a lovely view of the port below and is lined with halata, as the locals refer to the neoclassical houses, testify to Symi’s late 19-c. economic boom, fueled by shipping, shipbuilding, and sponge- diving. It is very close to Rhodes, so transportation on and off the island is very easy by boat.  

Why we love it? 

It’s a colorful island and that instantly makes it number one for us. It is perfect for an intimate affair. The strong Mediterranean character of the island makes it perfect for weddings that blend old and contemporary all in one! It is a loved wedding destination for creative people looking for someplace unique to say I do. The island’s charm lies in being secluded, intimate, and drenched in sunlight. Symi is so positive, perfect for the modern couples out there!

Destination Wedding in Halki 

Why choose it?

The smallest inhabited island of the Dodecanese, Halki is worlds apart from its large, cosmopolitan neighbor of Rhodes. Lining the port of Emporios, the brightly colored 19th-c. houses (many lovingly restored) with their ceramic-tiled roofs and wooden windows work their magic on you before you even step off the boat. Some of these houses are right on the water, and residents dive from their front patios right into the port’s crystal-clear waters. The island is very close to Rhodes, so transportation on and off the island is very easy by boat.

Why we love it? 

The landscape is very unique on the island, making it very exclusive and beautiful for a wedding celebration different from those in Cyclades or Peloponnese. It is perfect for a minimony, an intimate micro wedding, or the perfect place to elope. The island has a strong character, a respectable past, and history floods the streets and every corner. It’s perfect for the couples that dare to experiment or want a wedding out of the ordinary – our favorite ones! 

Other destination wedding locations we love in Greece 

Destination Wedding in the Athenian Riviera 

Why choose it?

The Athenian Riviera, along the sheltered Saronic Gulf stretching from the southern suburbs of Athens to the southernmost point of Attica, Cape Sounio, is perfect for a wedding. Just 10 miles south of the city –typically a 30-40-minute drive– you will find a place where urban sprawl gives way to an idyllic palm-fringed setting. 

The coastal road continues through marvelous tourist resorts such as Lagonissi and Saronida and ends at Cape Sounio, Attica’s southeastern tip. There you will find the impressive Temple of Poseidon – the last piece of the ancient Athenians’ homeland every time they sailed into the Aegean. Watching the sunset filling the sky with every shade of mauve and pink and making the sea glowing like a sapphire is an unforgettable experience that will weave a powerful spell over every wedding day!

The international airport of Athens is very close and there are plenty of hotels, Airbnbs, and accommodation facilities for the couple and its guests, making everything ten times easier and ensuring a stress-free planning process. 

Why we love it?

The Athenian Riviera has a unique character. It is perfect for larger weddings as well as micro weddings or elopements. Also, being just outside of Athens makes it extremely easy to plan a destination wedding while not compromising the greek style and laid back summer atmosphere. Our team loves the Athenian Riviera and we can help our couples decide on the venue and wedding style that suits them best! 

Destination Wedding in Hydra and Spetses

Why choose them?

Hydra and Spetses are some of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands. They are located in the heart of the Argo Saronic Gulf. One of the main reasons why Hydra and Spetses are a popular destination is their proximity to Athens, as a ferry from Athens will get you to the beautiful islands in just a couple of hours. Hydra and Spetses stand out for their classy beauty!

On Hydra and Spetses, you won’t see any cars! Everyone uses their foot, boats or donkeys to get around the islands. The cars ban, along with the elegant stone mansions of the islands, create a charming atmosphere and make the islands some of the most serene destinations near Athens.

Why we love them?

They are perfect wedding locations for couples that love charming locations and value quietness and exclusivity. Ideal for micro destination weddings in Greece and intimate celebrations, Hydra and Spetses are amazing and so picturesque. We’re amazed every time we step foot on the islands, they will blow your mind for sure. 

Destination Wedding in Cyclades Islands 

The Cyclades is a group of Greek islands, southeast of the mainland in the Aegean Sea. It centers on uninhabited Delos, considered the birthplace of Apollo, and home to some of Greece’s most important archaeological ruins. Many of the islands are popular holiday destinations, known for their beaches, ancient sites, rugged landscapes, and traditional blue-and-white stucco towns overlooking the sea. Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, and Ios are some names you might be familiar with, just a few though from the plethora of picturesque islands you can host your wedding on. Some of our favorite ones are Tinos – perfect destination and utterly romantic, it features some of the prettiest villages and Sifnos – or else called the wedding island as people from all over the world choose it for their wedding!

The Eventions Way of Doing Wedding Things 

With every project, we want to create an atmosphere of joyful celebration and youthful zest for life. Our creative spirit is always drawn to nature and its breathtaking beauty. We love the usage of fresh seasonal flowers tying them into organic bundles that naturally accentuated the fresh feeling of the decor. We cannot resist weaving in charming details with historical influences into our decoration along with creations of local artisans. 

We love the smile on our couples’ faces when seeing the end result that’s their wedding day. Going natural and organic is our way of making sure your wedding day will be artistic and beautiful, colorful, Mediterranean, and lovely – like your love story! We’d love to discuss with you everything that will make your destination wedding in Greece unforgettable and all the locations you could choose! Contact us and let’s talk!

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