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We chose a sunny October day to have this photoshoot and take you to the medieval Old Town of Rhodes, where centuries of Greek, Turkish and Italian influences coexist in a vibrant, eclectic mix of architecture and culture. This is the birth place and the heart of eventions, so we’ve teamed up with our talented photographer Magdalini Kourti for a photoshoot that will give you a glimpse of our story and the way this place of world heritage inspires us in our daily work.

As with every project, for this photoshoot we wanted to create an atmosphere of joyful celebration and youthful zest for life. Designing a backdrop that would showcase our visual identity turned out to be more satisfying than we could have anticipated!

Our creative spirit is always drawn to nature and its breathtaking beauty. Finding inspiration in the myriad of narrow streets in the Old town was the most exciting part of the day! We loved the idea of collecting fresh seasonal flowers from the hidden gardens of the Old Town and tying them into organic bundles that naturally accentuated the fresh and intimate feeling of the decór. Red hibiscuses, plumerias and blue jasmines were among the seasonal flowers that we picked for our centerpiece floral arrangement. 

With an imposing medieval church in the background of our table setting, we couldn’t resist weaving in charming details with historical influences into our decoration. For the tablescape, we chose an ornamental gold vase to display our fresh-picked flowers and used hand-painted tableware from a local ceramist for a distinctively Rhodian touch. 

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