Weddings in Greece have been definitely on the rise in the last couple of years! Wanting to help our couples step out of the ordinary wedding locations, we’ve rounded up a collection of alternative wedding destinations in Dodecanese islands that’ll make you swoon in excitement! For us, you can’t go wrong when choosing the Dodecanese. It’s versatile enough so each couple can find an island that fully expresses their personality while keeping the greek Mediterranean charm that makes Greece famous all over the world. We are in love with all the islands and we hope we can share with you that joie de vivre that can’t be found anywhere else in the world and the most perfect wedding locations to call your own! 

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The small island of Symi is famous for its cosmopolitan air and luxurious character, which makes it one of the most popular destinations in the Dodecanese to have a wedding. Symi enchants you from the very first moment that the ship will approach the port of Gialos as the traditional mansions extend amphitheatrical to the top of the castle hill where the largest settlement of the island, the Village is located. 

The island is full of colorful, neoclassical buildings and mansions, which will surely enchant any friend of architecture. At the same time, Symi is rich in cultural attractions and monuments, while its beaches are considered one of the most impressive in the area, just perfect for a destination wedding experience rich in culture!

Symi is mostly known for its sea sponge and ship building industry. But behind its seemingly uneventful aspect, this tranquil and charming island is the perfect wedding getaway for those in search of an authentic wedding destination, quiet and beautiful corners and a low-key vibe.

Wedding Season in Symi

The perfect season to have a wedding in Symi is May to October, since the weather is still very friendly and the temperature high! Plus, early and late summer in Symi is ideal for both to enjoy a dreamy wedding or a honeymoon holiday!

How to get on the island

Symi can only be reached by boat or ferry. There are two ferry departure points on Rhodes. Head to Kolonna port if you are taking the high-speed catamarans Dodekanisos Pride and Dodekanisos Express!

Wedding Types on the Island

Symi has a lot of really beautiful orthodox churches for those that want a religious wedding on the island. For the most daring couples, there are chapels on the islets around Symi. For couples choosing a symbolic wedding, sandy beaches and intimate locations on the islet next to the island are ideal as backdrop!


It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

Akumia is a traditional sweet of Symi, they make it and share it on every wedding day or celebration! They consider it the sweet of joy and happiness and it’s present in all the great life’s celebrations and an absolute must for every wedding!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

The wood-carving art in Symi has a long and rich history. A large number of exceptional constructions of the past centuries are preserved on the island today, most of which are works of high artistic quality and depict the daily needs of people’s lives. The influence of European (Roman) and Athenian Neoclassicism was so great on the cosmopolitan Symians that they did not calculate the cost, resulting in the high-end style of the island up to today! The element that makes houses in Symi stand out is the way the metope is constructed and decorated! It’s amazing!

Our favorite locations where the people visiting the island can fully emerge themselves in the aesthetics of the island is Ano Chora and towards the middle of the settlement there is the district of Kali Strata, where the neoclassical houses built on spacious plots stand out!


Halki is a beautiful small island in the southeastern Aegean. It stands out for the peaceful atmosphere, the dreamy beaches, the picturesque port with the impressive architecture, and the wonderful natural landscapes. Halki is one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese and is located between Rhodes and Tilos, a dreamy destination for an intimate wedding. Although it is a less popular destination, it is full of charm and hidden treasures. You will love it when you see the beautifully picturesque port as if taken from a postcard.



Having avoided the intense tourist development, the island offers rest and quiet holidays to the visitors and picturesque wedding locations. A few hours in Halki will be enough to get into the slow rhythms of the locals, who continue to have a traditional way of life, full of simplicity. Endless hours of relaxation on the enchanting beaches, hospitable atmosphere, nature walks, dancing at festivals, and fine cuisine await you in Halki!

Besides, the peace and quiet of the island that make it irresistible, the colorful scenery that stretches in front of you impresses you at first sight. The walks in the cobbled streets, between mansions and renovated houses that retain their character and past, are a unique experience and a journey back in time, perfect as a wedding memory to cherish forever.

Wedding Season in Halki

The perfect season to have a wedding in Halki is May to October, since the weather is still very friendly and the temperature is welcoming! If you love the warmth of summer a July wedding will be perfect on the island!

How to get on the island

You can reach Halki by ferry from Piraeus in Athens, as there are available routes approximately 3 times per week. However, the trip lasts 20 hours. It might be more convenient for you to travel to Halki by ferry from Rhodes, as the trip lasts only 1 hour.

Wedding Types on the Island

Halki has a really picture perfect city hall – like a postcard from the years of yore! Also, the central beach of the island is stunning for a symbolic ceremony. Moreover, on the side of the island reached by car you can find a miniature village without residents with a beautiful square where you can have the mamma mia wedding of your dreams!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Beautiful neoclassical buildings, painted in bright colors embrace the port of Nimborio, the only part of the island inhabited. Wherever you look you see color, from the buildings to the colorful fishing boats, which flood the perimeter of the port. Besides, the main occupation and source of income of the inhabitants of the island is fishing.

The Old Village has been designated a cultural landmark by UNESCO and its architectural integrity is protected by strict criteria. Nimborio (Imporios) is also a strictly preserved settlement and all renovations and restorations of buildings must be done to preserve the unique character of Halki, a character worth blending into a wedding celebration.



An ideal destination for those looking for a wedding with authentic character and tranquility. Just 800 meters from the Turkish coast, Kastellorizo ​​stands proudly between two continents. A shiny dot in the Mediterranean, a crossroads of cultures that does not count borders, a journey to the unadulterated beauty that will captivate you. Arriving, the nobility of the restored mansions welcomes you. Next door, the red castle, which gave its name to the island. And protector of all, Zeus Megisteus, hospitable as well as the inhabitants of the island who will openly introduce you to his secrets. Welcome to Kastellorizo!

Wedding Season in Kastelorizo

The perfect season to have a wedding in Kastelorizo is anywhere from May to October, pretty much like Symi or Halki. The island looks its best in June and September where it’s not overly hot and autumn is not there yet!

How to get on the island

Kastellorizo does have a domestic airport but the only flights are a few each week from Rhodes with Olympic Air. Kastellorizo is not much easier to reach by ferry. There is only one ferry a week from Rhodes, and that only operates in the summer months, going to Kastellorizo and coming back on a Saturday. You can also get there from Rhodes on a different ferry service which operates from Piraeus twice a week, year-round. It takes almost 24 hours to get from Piraeus to Kastellorizo.

Wedding Types on the Island

Kastelorizo is stunning for a wedding celebration overlooking the port as well as on a little islet famous for weddings! Feeling inspired? Take a look!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

As if specifically designed to make you fall in love, at the port you are greeted by a model image of the classic architecture of the Dodecanese: restored two-story houses, painted in bright colors, built amphitheatrical next to each other overlooking the sea! On the Archaeological Museum of the island you will find a very remarkable collection of exhibits of antiquity, Byzantine times and modern times, as well as exhibits of local folk art, which will introduce you to the culture and traditions of the island. 

The only settlement of the island, the homonymous Kastellorizo, is located around the natural port and consists of the districts of Pigadia, Chorafia, and Mandraki. There are many old mansions in the settlement, most of which have been deserted, as most of the inhabitants have migrated to Australia for years.The houses that have been restored today are authentic examples of traditional Dodecanese architecture: amphitheatrically built around the sea, they impress with their uniformity, due to the common materials such as local stone, wood from Asia Minor, ironwork, tiles from Antalya and Marseille. The traditional settlement of Kastellorizo ​​has been declared a protected area. 

Kastellorizo, therefore, emits its own, unique energy that overwhelms you if you let go. It will give birth to unprecedented feelings, sensations that you had for a long time buried and -perhaps- forgotten. It will awaken your memories and seduce you. It’s stunning for a wedding day you and your guests will remember forever.

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

Most wedding appropriate sweets bearing the stamp of Kastelorizo ​​are made with Oriental butter. The most characteristic is Strava, something like soutzoukakia with flour and stuffing of walnuts, mixed with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pieces of sugar, served in weddings drizzled with honey. An easy recipe that was common to most households back on the island is that of spoon halva, the “bride’s halva” as they call it. It is made in the pan with flour, oil, water, and sugar and is served sprinkled with cinnamon and fine sugar to symbolise a sweet married life!

Katoumaria, however, is considered the most traditional dessert and trademark of the island. These are pies with flour and butter, sprinkled with chopped cinnamon-cloves and sugar. The people of Kastelorizο are crazy about Katoumaria, which, in addition to daily use, they offer them at weddings and to celebrate pleasant events. But what you should not forget before you leave, is to try the traditional sweets! 


Attracting a variety of travelers, from the devout to backpackers, families and high-profile individuals on the search for a low-key retreat and wedding location, Patmos has a lot of things to offer. Today, Patmos is probably more famous as a jet-setter’s paradise, a sort of in-the-know and relatively hard-to-reach haven for wealthy yachters and adventurous travelers. Classy, elegant, sophisticated, with numerous old chapels and beautiful beaches, you can make a day-to-remember for you and your guests.

Patmos, the Jerusalem of the Aegean as it is often dubbed, lies in the Dodecanese islands. This island certainly oozes spirituality and serenity. Patmos is Greece’s “holy island,” and the most obvious reminder is the enormous fortified Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. John the Theologian perched in the central hilltop of the island. If you sail to Patmos from Athens you are likely to arrive at night. At first you will see what seems an impossibility – a circle of light floating several hundred feet above the sea. This is Chora, the island’s capital, a citadel city dominated by the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. 


Patmos is elongated, vertical, somewhat hourglass-shaped. It is only 12km from top to bottom. I moved by motorbike and on foot, going out to the extremities by day, and staying around the centre where the population is concentrated at night

Insider’s tip: A prewedding experience to remember

Feel like exploring new horizons? Take a day to visit Lipsi, also known as the nymph Calypso’s homeland. With daily departures from Skala, a ferry ride takes you straight to this little haven of tranquility that is ideal for a pre-wedding celebration with your nearest and dearest! Spend the day at one of the many beaches near the port, and have lunch at one of the many fish tavernas at the small harbor.

Wedding Season in Patmos

Patmos is ideal for a wedding celebration from May till September. The summer is breezy and vibrant on the island, perfect for a micro wedding or elopement! 

How to get on the island

The fastest way to reach Patmos is by air, via Samos, Kos, Leros or Kalymnos. Hellenic Seaways catamarans or Blue Star Ferries ferry-boats leave from these islands, daily. 

Wedding Types on the Island

Patmos has hundreds of churches and monasteries to choose from if you are after a religious wedding! The island’s beaches are stunning for symbolic weddings as well!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Patmos is beautiful, serene and elegantly constructed. You will get to admire whitewashed houses, old mansions, lively squares and cobblestone streets and churches dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. The little towns and villages are filled with donkeys trampling grain, monks with Rasputin-like beards, louche Austrian aristocrats and seekers after the mystical. 

It’s the white, silent villages, the fig and olive groves, the deep nautical blue of the Aegean that other seas seem not to possess, goat paths through a burnt, timeless landscape, the faces of fishermen, aromatic cloud banks of jasmine and wild thyme, skin taking on a glow of radiance and promise, wine in the sunshine, isolated coves, beach tavernas, vivid light moving through delicate, curative air. 

The whitewashed houses are often decorated with multi-coloured stones of intricate design creating a scenery unbelievable high fashion. The island’s artisanals are faded kilims, antiques, some of which have been in the dwellings for centuries, scrubbed wood floors, luminous, dove-gray woodwork. These elements can be added throughout the styling of a wedding day, giving a dynamic and oh so chic concept of decor inspired by indigenous folk art. 

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional sweets

When in Patmos, visitors should absolutely try the local cheese pies ( made like tarts) and sweet treats, such as the “pougia”, with Fillo dough shaped like a little pouch, filled with almonds, walnuts and honey or dusted in confectioner’s sugar. These treats are ideal as wedding gifts for that “touch of tradition” flavour!



Here’s a riddle: It’s an Aegean island that has a volcano, but it’s not Santorini. Its nearest neighbour is long, green Kos, but it doesn’t resemble it in the slightest. What is it? Nisyros is not your typical Greek island. One of the hidden treasures of the Aegean, the small, round island of Nisyros is well off the beaten track and has kept a retro atmosphere, but in recent years more and more people have discovered its name and are spreading the word.The volcanic Greek island of Nisyros has an energy all of its own, and it’s drawing an arty crowd to its black-sand beaches, hilltop villages and rocking tavernas. It’s perfect for couples that want to get married in an alternative location to Santorini, away from busy streets and touristic areas, while keeping the volcanic energy and blessing of the earth to their wedding day!

This small land mass in the Aegean is also an active volcano. It is the youngest along a rift in the Southern Aegean and has experienced at least three major eruptions in the past 45,000 years. One of these, around 16,000 years ago, was particularly destructive, blanketing a wide area with volcanic ash. Over the past 130 years the volcano has been ‘dozing’, although researchers monitor its daily coughs and grumbles closely. Nisyros’s volcano is one of the few anywhere in the world that can be easily visited.  This other-worldly landscape has the potential to make Nisyros a world-famous wedding destination – (provided, of course, the volcano remains relatively quiet). 

On Nisiros Island you’ll be rewarded by visiting traditional villages, quiet spots to enjoy ouzo with meze, ancient walls of black volcanic stone, and the excitement of venturing into the moonscape and hiking along the rim of an active volcano – nice wedding activities for you and the guests, right? As you descend into the enormous crater, you could be entering an unknown, yellow-streaked, ashen planet, with bubbling pits, enormous cracks, and a powerful scent of sulphur. Also, the paths of Nisyros attract hikers from all over, some returning year after year. They wind along dry-stone walls and past stone farmhouses, rustic distilleries and tiny churches – a wedding experience your guests have never dreamed of!

Wedding Season in Nisyros

The perfect season to have a wedding in Nisyros is from May to September – especially if you like the refreshing late summer semi cool breeze! The sunsets in these months are glorious for a sunset ceremony or beach celebration!

How to get on the island

The quickest way to get to Nisyros from Athens is by flying to Kos and then getting a boat from the port of Kardamena (10 minutes from Kos airport). At least two boats leave for Nisyros per day. Round-trip flights to Kos cost on average about 100 euros (prices may be higher during high season).

Wedding Types on the Island

Getting married on the mainland of the island means being really above the sea level overlooking the whole of the Aegean sea pretty much whichever venue you are choosing.The scenery is magical and the island can accommodate both religious or symbolic weddings!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Nisiro’s quietness and calmness is just the right antidote to any hectic schedule. Take a seat with the locals and enjoy a coffee in one of the town squares, or explore the alleys lined by vintage grocery stores and simple white houses with brightly coloured doors and windows. Or take a stroll along the jetty and onto the beach, which features not sand but glistening smooth black stones.

At sunset all the landmarks – buildings, citrus groves, church domes – turn golden. At one of them, the white Panagia Spiliani above Mandraki, the celebrations honouring the Virgin in mid-August go on for nine days. Visitors from all the surrounding islands join the locals in rites that go back centuries.

Palaiokastro, the name of the island’s acropolis. Its massive walls, made of black volcanic rock, are particularly impressive. Known for its elliptical shape and elegant pebble mosaic flooring Porta in Nikeia is the famous village square you’re seeing all over the internet, one that can accommodate your wedding celebration. The church above it ranks among one of the most beautiful in Greece. At the same time, Emborios, an architectural gem of a village, is topped by the fortress of Pantoniki (meaning ‘always victorious’) and encapsulates the Dodekanese feeling completely. Don’t miss this beautiful Aegean view!

The unique energy of Nisyros that seems to spring from the geothermal vents and otherworldly landscapes has inspired many a creator and in the summer months Nisyros becomes an ‘island of the arts’, perfect for all the artsy couples out there! A film and arts festival on the island for the past two decades featuring screenings and seminars is the highlight of the summer, maybe a festival you can

View of Mandraki village from a monasteri above.

incorporate in your wedding festivities! Meanwhile located within the medieval Pantoniki castle of Emporio you will find the interdisciplinary non-profit organization Sterna, founded in 2014 by artist Greg Haji Joannides to ‘foster and nurture the creative expression of artists’. Among its activities, every year the organization hosts an art exhibition throughout the month of August featuring the works of dozens of Greek and foreign artists.

Nisyrian artisan pieces involve woven-rag carpets made into tote bags, scarves with seafood, workers’ field bags reimagined as rucksacks and exceptional earthy ceramics that could have been thrown from the volcano itself – all these amazing wedding gifts you can treat your guests to!

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

When visiting the island you must always try psilokoulouro. It takes three days to make homemade psilokoulouro (literally, thin biscuits). Also, baked halouvas, a dense cake made with almonds, semolina, olive oil, cinnamon sticks, soda and raki, is one of the most famous Nisyrian traditional treats, one served in all the weddings to symbolise good luck and fertility.


Astypalea is arguably one of the most beautiful Greek islands of the Dodecanese! This small, butterfly-like shaped island is yet to be discovered by mass tourism, thus it boasts a peaceful atmosphere for an intimate wedding celebration. Thanks to its secluded location, it has managed to stay off the radar and has emerged as a great alternative wedding destination. Tourism has yet to gasp itself upon the island, thus Astypalea makes a great destination for relaxing holidays! The Cycladic aura (even though it’s a Dodecanese island) of the bridal-white town and beaches are relaxing and energising. And that’s before you’ve tasted the food, gone on a boat trip and enjoyed a cocktail in the glow of the lit-up castle. Simplicity has never felt so vitalising.

Purity, tranquility, hospitality, beautiful beaches and hidden treasures, Astypalaia is the ideal place for an offbeat wedding experience rich in imagery and emotions. Astypalea, dubbed “The Butterfly of the Aegean,” partly because of its peculiar shape and partly because of the beauty of the landscape. For those willing to travel off the beaten track, it’s love at first sight. Many stay forever devoted to this island of white light, with its crystal-clear water, sun-drenched beaches, long heritage and hospitable residents.

Even though Astypalea Greece belongs to the Dodecanese island group, it has a Cycladic architecture. The Venetian Castle on the top of a hill in Chora, traditional windmills and whitewashed houses create a magical setting that never fails to seduce the guests!

Astypalea beaches are mostly unorganized and secluded, offering the perfect setting for those who seek privacy and want to unwind away from the hustle and the bustle. But there’s a lot more to do here than lay on the beach!

Wedding Season in Astypalaia

Astypalaia is a really cool wedding destination, come late September and it can be 

really really cool – literally! Perfect for a June, July or August wedding, you can have a really memorable summer celebration on the island!

How to get on the island

Thus you can use flight to Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, to get to Astypalaia either directly or via other islands which is what most people would want to do. The ferries from Piraeus call in to Paros, Naxos, Amorgos on the way, which in turn have connections with Mykonos, Santorini.

Wedding Types on the Island

Astypalaia’s chapels are to die for! They have a certain mediterranean white washed flair while being quiet and intimate! Villages’ squares and beaches on the island can accommodate symbolic wedding celebrations!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Casual yet stylish, relaxed yet energising Astypalea has the characteristic Cycladic architecture. Cubic whitewashed houses and churches, narrow alleys, blue windows, and wooden balconies create a unique Cyclades-like atmosphere that will blow you away! In Chora, you’ll find many Astypalea hotels, shops, restaurants, and other amenities. 

In Maltezana (Ascension), you’ll find the famous Baths of Talara, with their trademark blue tiles and mosaics from the Hellenistic period. Experts have singled them out for their unique composition, which depicts the seasons and the symbols of the zodiac.

Astpalaia’s beautiful landscape, devoid of large buildings, the secluded barren expanses, the incredible sea and the beaches which are small and few in number for the size of the island, but at the same time enough even for those who seek solitude.

Chora, the island’s capital is built on the slopes on a hill, boasting a breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea. On the top of the hill overlooking the village, sits Querini castle, a vestige of the Venetian era. This castle used to protect the island during medieval times, but now it is the main attraction of Astypalea and where you’d definitely have your wedding portraits taken!

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

 In one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese, gazing at the sea and the windmills in the “Chora of Astypalaia island” you can taste the delicious “lampropites”. Made from local cheese (chlori) and local saffron (zafora) will make you lick your fingers. They are sprinkled with sesame mix. They are served on wedding days to boast the health of the bride and groom and bring them good luck! Another delicacy in which zafora is used is the “kitrinokouloura“. Housewives only knead them with milk. The ingredients contained in the dough are butter, “chlori” cheese and various spices that give them a distinct and slightly spicy taste.

Tip: They usually are made during Easter and kept in tin cans all year round.  Also, one of our favorite wedding delicacies are xirotigana, folded dough rings, fried and drizzled with honey from bees that feed on wildflowers!

Do not leave the island until you try the “pouggia“! A combination of sweet and salty as they have mizithra in their filling and are poured with local aromatic honey. Generally, there are many local goodies that you can enjoy on the island like loukoumades, melekounia, xerotigana, and local cheeses (chlori or ladotyri) all served in weddings and important celebrations!

Where will you have your destination wedding?

We hope we gave you an idea or the alternative wedding locations you could choose from in the Dodecanese! Your wedding location says many things about your personality as a couple! Luckily Greece offers an amazing variety of beautiful islands to kickstart your wedding story on! We will be on your side to make sure your wedding day is completely stress-free, filled with Mediterranean charm, creative flair, and all those little details of zest and freshness! Contact us and let’s talk!


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