Destination Weddings in Greece have been definitely on the rise in the last couple of years! Wanting to help our couples step out of the ordinary wedding locations, we’ve rounded up a collection of alternative wedding destinations in Cyclades, following our detailed Dodecanese islands guide that’ll make you swoon in excitement as they feature all the information you may need when choosing your wedding island!
No place in the world says summer wedding in the same way Cyclades Islands do! Each and every one of them has its own unique characteristics, determined by its history, topography and geology but they all seem to be bound together by their architecture. Cycladic architecture is famous for its uniqueness and charm, providing the islands with minimal aesthetics but with a daring style – simply perfect for a wedding day!
The Mediterranean atmosphere is so distinctive in the cycladic islands, yet it beholds a character that’s antiparallel to any other part of the country. Santorini and Mykonos may be the stars of instagram, but the true charm of the Cyclades hides in the other islands of the complex, the most secluded and rich in character.
We are in love with weddings in the Cyclades and we hope we can share with you that Mediterranean charm that can’t be found anywhere else in the world and the most perfect wedding locations to call your own!
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Located on the northern side of the Cyclades group of islands, Tinos is one of the most enchanting Greek islands. Beautiful sandy beaches, traditional villages and minimal Cycladic architecture create a unique atmosphere that never fails to captivate all the couples that choose it for their wedding day. Picturesque villages, Cycladic dovecotes, stone-made houses, little squares, and churches set the scene of this charming island!

The wonder of Tinos isn’t only the miraculous icon of the Virgin, which gave the island its fame. It’s its wild beauty; rocks eroded by the wind, beaches with deep blue water and traditional Cycladic villages that climb up the hillsides. Pyrgos, Kardiani, Ysternia, Ktikado, Triantaros-Berdemiaros, Falatados, Loutra, Tripotamos. The villages of Tinos are like ornaments decorating the island’s slopes and valleys!

Wedding Season in Tinos

The perfect season to have a wedding in Tinos is May to late September, since the weather is still very friendly and the temperature high! Plus, early and late summer in Tinos is ideal for both to enjoy a dreamy wedding or a honeymoon holiday! In August the island gets swarmed with people celebrating the Dormition of Virgin Mary, and if you love a bright traditional celebration and you’d like to fully immerse yourself and the guests to the festivities it may be the perfect for you! On Tinos many weddings take place in the middle of a village square, taking advantage of the very musical culture there is on the island, creating a celebration out of the movies – have you watched Mamma Mia?

How to get on the island

You can easily reach Tinos within 4-5 hours either from the port of Piraeus or from Rafina port. Piraeus port is located closer to the city center, while Rafina port is spotted closer to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Tinos is also connected with Andros, Mykonos and Syros.

Wedding Types on the Island

Tinos is the religious heart of the cyclades with a lot of really beautiful orthodox as well as catholic churches for those that want a religious wedding on the island. For couples choosing a symbolic wedding, sandy beaches and intimate locations or minimalistic villas are ideal as backdrop!

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

There are many local sweets on the island we love incorporating into the wedding favors, candy bars or welcome gifts! Tsimbita, the microscopic refined pastries with local cheese from Tinos and spices are perfect as wedding gifts! Along with Karydota (made with walnuts and rosewater) and Xerotigana (dusted with sugar and cinnamon) are the sweets you’ll enjoy the most when visiting the island. They consider them to be the sweets of joy and happiness and are an absolute must for every wedding held on the island! Also, sesame bars with local honey served on lemon leaves are the traditional celebratory treats – ones that your guests will cherish and enjoy!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Tinos, the island of art, is home to numerous architectural and artistic treasures which make it a living museum. The abundance of natural materials like marbles and rare rocks has influenced Tinos’ architecture and the artistic mood of the locals in the construction and restoration of many houses. The art of marble-carving flourished greatly in Tinos during the 19th century and genuine examples of this art can be seen in many buildings, fountains, churches, and cemeteries.

The original Cycladic architecture of the island is apparent in the surrounding villages (Pyrgos) and the beautiful town with whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, lovely squares, and beautiful churches. The main characteristic of Tinos is the lack of fortifications, despite the fact that the Venetians occupied the island for many centuries, Tinos remained authentically Greek, with only a few exceptions such as the Castle of Exombourgo and some marble columns that characterize some structures and nice churches.

The Tinian houses are a characteristic sample of traditional architecture, standing out for its simplicity and functionality. Small with a few windows and storage rooms, Tinos’ houses are painted in total white and blue according to the Cycladic layout. Most of the island’s traditional settlements were founded in the 17th century and their architecture was greatly influenced by pirate invasions which forced the locals to abandon their houses in the countryside and move within the town, a major reason that the houses are built very close to one another, creating a fortified wall to protect their territory.

The masterful dovecotes of Tinos

The villages and green valleys of Tinos are surrounded by the marvelous dovecotes, where pigeons find refuge. They were built during the 18th and 19th century and their beautifully decorated facades look like fine embroideries if they are seen from a distance. Today, they are considered the trademark of Tinos along with the old-style windmills.

Peristeriones are typical to the Tinian landscape and considered some of the most impressive works of art in the Cyclades. There are over 600 dovecotes made of slate, stone and limestone and covered with lithographs. For a destination wedding in Tinos, getting inspired by the tinian dovecotes for the wedding favours and overall style will definitely give the celebration a never seen before character!

Handmade woven baskets filled with local treats and decoration inspired by Tinos’s history with stone (hint: it’s what inspired the name of the village Volax, that means sphere made of stone!), are our choice of incorporating the local elements to the decor and details of a wedding. Also, the cotedove patterns and the unique architectural elements are ways to experiment on the design! One idea? The marble skylights of the island as pattern inspiration for the wedding favors!


Shining under the Aegean sun, Folégandros was named after the son of king Minos. This off-the-beaten-path destination captivates the visitors with the untouched beauty of its beaches, the

luminous blue of its waters, and the unadulterated style of its architecture. Folegandros lies on the southern edge of the Cyclades, with the Sea of Crete sweeping away to its south. The island has a quiet beauty, amplified by the clifftop Hora, one of the most appealing villages in the Cyclades.At 200m above sea level travellers will discover Kástro, a Venetian castle. Hóra, the capital town of the island, it’s been built partially in it. Bougainvilleas leaning over the balconies, sugar-cube whitewashed houses, and sheer cliff drops convey the island’s ethereal, yet wild, beauty. The hilly topography, with terraced fields sloping down to the sea, verdant countryside dotted with chapels and ruins and numerous beaches to explore – some reachable via strenuous slogs – make Folegandros a favourite with hikers.

Wedding Season in Folegandros

The perfect season to have a wedding in Folegandros (as happens to pretty much with all over Cyclades) is May to early October, since the weather is still very friendly and the temperature is welcoming! If you love the warmth of summer a July wedding will be perfect on the island!

How to get on the island

Folegandros is a main stop on the ferry line Piraeus – Milos – Santorini, and it has frequent ferries or catamaran to Paros, Mykonos, Ios and the near Sikinos. Consider also flying directly to Santorini and taking a ferry from there or fly to Milos, one hour away by fast ferries. Ferries from Folegandros to Mykonos and Santorini depart daily from the island’s port, giving travelers the chance to explore the nearby Cyclades islands. Also, the small boats that depart from the port will get you to several Folegandros beaches!

Wedding Types on the Island

The Hora of the island is the perfect location to have a wedding! It’s tradition on the island for the bride and the guests to pass through the square, where local musicians wait for them and they toast to a good life with spiced raki shots! After all the guests have a shot, they start walking again to the church where they meet with the groom! Adorable, right? Also, the sandy beaches of the island are stunning for a symbolic ceremony and the dozens of little chapels will be perfect for a religious ceremony with the aegean breeze in the sunset!

Architectural elements

This extremely photogenic island will make you fall in love! Folegandros is an island of incredible natural beauty located between Paros and Santorini. Despite its proximity to two of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands, Folegandros has a very different style. Relatively untouched by international tourists, Folegandros island still manages to keep its unspoiled charm.

Folegandros Greece boasts traditional Cycladic architecture. That means that its villages are made up of tiny whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, and colorful windows. Quite frankly, every corner looks like a Cycladic postcard! Being near to a volcanic island created the most stunning lava beaches on the island, with dramatic black stones and pebbles!

We always advise our couples to stroll around the picturesque streets of Chora Folegandros, marvel at  the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea from the super cute and romantic church of Panagia, which sits on the highest spot of the island, and watch the romantic sunset from the hill above Chora. Getting married in Folegandros is a magical experience!

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

Wedding treats to look for? Karpouzénia is a local sweet made of fried watermelon (in Greek watermelon means “karpouzi”) and Sesame bars that are lovely as wedding favors for every destination wedding in Greece! For the ones in love with trying local liqueurs, spiced raki is the island’s favorite alcoholic drink, handmade by tradition by the ladies on the island! And if sweets are not your fetish, the island has the best recipe for rooster made with wine that was served on every celebration with handmade pasta!


Hidden-away Amorgos, with its secret beaches and untouched timelessness, is one of the most intriguing of all the Greek Islands, turning up surprises wherever you look. Located near Naxos and Ios, on the southern side of the Cyclades archipelago, Amorgos is beautiful. An ideal destination for those looking for a wedding with authentic character and tranquility.
Did you know that the 1988 movie “Le Grand Bleu” with Jean Reno was shot on the island of Amorgos, at the south eastern edge of the Cyclades? Parts of the island reach a considerable height above sea level, offering superb views out over the Archipelago, Amorgos is one of the most impressive Cycladic islands, boasting marvellous beaches with azure waters, gorgeous caves, ideal spots for diving, scenic bays and ancient footpaths leading through its steep rocky terrain… Inhabited since the Early Cycladic Era, as indicated by archaeological finds brought to light in the area, Amorgos has a long cultural history and tradition.
Amorgos is for the couples that want to step off the beaten track and get married on an island that has preserved its traditional colour, where the locals welcome you with a smile on their face and make you feel at home! Boasting a mindblowing natural landscape, minimal Cycladic architecture, mysterious caves, and fabulous beaches, Amorgos island is one of the hidden gems of the Cyclades islands. Untouched by mass tourism, Amorgos Greece is the perfect wedding destination for those who seek privacy and tranquillity, as well for nature lovers!

Prewedding Tip? A hiking experience!

The hiking trails that cross the island are perfect for exploring the nature of Amorgos, while secluded Amorgos beaches are ideal for naturists – just the perfect prewedding activity!

Wedding Season in Amorgos

The perfect season to have a wedding in Amorgos is anywhere from May to early autumn, pretty much like all over the Cyclades. The island looks its best in June and September where it’s not overly hot and there is a lovely breeze in the afternoon!

How to get on the island

Amorgos has no airport but you can either fly to Athens and take a ship from the port of Piraeus. Or you can book a flight to Santorini or Mykonos and connect with a ferry to Amorgos. The third alternative is to fly to Naxos via Athens and take a ferry.

Wedding Types on the Island

Amorgos is perfect for a destination wedding rich in character! On a beach in the afternoon, on a secluded venue or in a lively square – it’s an island perfect to start your married life on!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Built at the centre of the island and surrounded by rocky hills, the maze-like Chora of Amorgos is considered to be one of the most picturesque in the Cyclades! Here you can admire a breathtaking setting with scenic squares, traditional Cycladic houses with bougainvillea tree in their courtyards and Lilliputian whitewashed alleys. The “Chora” is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades. It is located in the center of the island, insulated by rocky hills and boasts a scenic setting! Traditional whitewashed houses with colorful shutters, narrow alleys, embellished with flowers, an imposing Venetian Castle, beautiful churches, little taverns and a monastery that’s literally on the sea. A lovely stroll around Chora Amorgos is a dream and the inspiration for a wedding design is plenty!

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

Xerotigana, literally, ‘dry fries’, are a traditional sweet of Amorgos – that are found throughout the Cyclades as well as on Crete. Xerotigana are thin sheets of handmade dough- folded and fried into a crispy pastry that is dipped in honey and dusted with walnuts and cinnamon. On Amorgos are served mostly at celebrations including Christmas, engagements, weddings, and baptisms and are viewed as a sweet of prosperity! Also, “psimeni”, a shot of spiced herbal raki, is the way locals treat the guests to every celebration – beautiful idea for a welcome drink, right? And while you’re on the island, assuming you’re not practicing veganism, try the lamb dishes, you’ll be amazed by the minimalism yet sophistication of the local cuisine.


Pano (upper) or Kato (lower) Koufonisi, two island gems which, together, are known as Koufonisia. With Iraklia, Donousa, and Schinoussa, they make up the Small Cyclades – not just because they are less well-known than their more illustrious island neighbours, but because they contain everything magical about the Cyclades and radiate it in abundance.

Beautifully clear water, sand that glistens like fairy dust, and caves for outlawed pirates of years gone by and today’s more adventurous couples. Savor the flavors and enjoy music inspired by nights under the moon. There are spots here where the fun never stops, as well as plenty of secret places for peace, tranquility, and complete relaxation.
There is beauty in simplicity. Pano Koufonisi (the inhabited of the two islands) provides unspoiled natural beauty. Despite being the smallest of all the inhabited Cycladic islands (10 sq km), it has enticed travelers of all kinds over the past 20 years!
Golden coastlines, still waters, and sandy shores. The urge to dive straight into the Aegean will prove irresistible when you’re here! Finikas, Fanos, Italia, Pori; the scenery in Koufonisia Greece is beyond words! Unreal turquoise water, glittering sand, laid-back atmosphere, and Cycladic architecture create a true wonder amid Cyclades archipelago – a dreamy wedding location for the modern travelers that know how to keep it understated yet sophisticated.
If you’re looking for a paradise island to unwind, relax and celebrate your love, you’ve just found it! Perfect for a laidback hipster wedding the island is great for celebrations as it’s very small and everything can be conveniently reached on foot!
Prewedding Tip? Explore by boat

If there was ever a place to visit by boat, it is the waters around these islands. It’s not just the hidden beaches that await discovery, but a tapestry of exotic imagery, endless hues of blue, green and turquoise – a prewedding exploration will be the perfect activity in Koufonisia.

Wedding Season in Koufonisia

Koufonisia are ideal for a wedding celebration from May until September. The summer is breezy and vibrant on the island, perfect for a micro wedding or elopement!

How to get on the island

The easiest way to get to Koufonisia during the whole year is with a direct ferry from Athens. Most of the ferry itineraries from Athens to Koufonisia depart from the port of Piraeus and the ferry trip lasts around 7-8 hrs.

Wedding Types on the Island

Koufonisia features some of the most stunning beaches in Greece making them a must destination if you want a beach wedding! Also, tiny and secluded chappels will be perfect for the couples that opt for a religious wedding!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Koufonisia are one of the most characteristic Cycladic islands in Greece. All the houses and the few remaining buildings stand out for their bright white and blue colors which create a unique harmony with the endless Aegean Sea. The island’s fairytale scenery is impressive and a long walk through the narrow paths will reveal all the beauty of Koufonissia architecture.
The main settlement is actually a characteristic example of Cycladic architecture with picturesque churches and houses that remain untouched by time. Well-decorated streets with flowers, children playing in the courtyards, and couples enjoying a walk at the romantic paths of Koufonisia Chora at night is the beauty of the island. Pouring the colors, atmosphere, and style into a modern wedding design will make you and your guest keep on coming back to these beautiful islands!

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional sweets

When in Koufonisia, visitors should absolutely try xerotigana, famous among the Cyclades as well sesame bars served on lemon leaves – refined and understated, the perfect treat for a wedding day rich in tradition and flavor! Don’t miss the fresh fish restaurants that are abundant on the island and look for the spiced liqueurs – we know we do!


Milos Greece is one of the most exotic and laid-back Greek islands in Greece! Sitting in the heart of the Aegean Sea, overlooking the Cyclades archipelago, Milos has enchanted many with its unpretentious charm! Standing out for its majestic ambiance, rich history, picturesque fishing villages, amazing food, and indigo bays, Milos island in Greece is a timeless Cycladic gem that will steal your breath with its enchanting beauty.

The variety of landscapes in Milos is unreal- you’ll see nothing twice, there’s always something new to discover. Being home to the Venus of Milos statue, which was discovered on the island and the stunning Sarakiniko beach, Milos’ beauty is expressed in many ways! This beach boasts a lunar landscape (perfect for a wedding shooting!), consisting of volcanic gleaming white rock formations and crystal clear turquoise waters. Either you choose to explore its sea caves, jump off the cliffs or doze under the sun on a beach towel, you’ll remember the enchanting atmosphere of this beach forever. Kleftiko is another wildly popular Milos sightseeing. Boasting towering rock formations and emerald waters, this former pirate hideaway, is now the imposing trademark of the island! Apart from Sarakiniko and Kleftiko though, Milos has over 40 beautiful exotic beaches worth visiting and stunning caves – truly a paradise on Earth,

The volcanic activity in ancient years has endowed Milos island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes, consequently offering the visitor a wide range of pre-wedding activities.

Wander around the castle district at dusk when the sun washes Chóra with its warm golden light… The Castle’s top, the benches on the courtyard of Panayiá Korfiátissa church or Panayiá Thalassýtra are all ideal spots to enjoy this breathtaking scenery that will certainly weave a powerful spell on you…

Pre Wedding tip? Let’s get on a boat!
How about private dives on secluded beaches and well-hidden rocky caves as a prewedding activity? Rent a boat from Adamantas Port and you will find yourself on beaches that you have never thought of setting foot on in your life!

Wedding Season in Milos

The perfect season to have a wedding in Milos is from May to early October – especially if you like the refreshing late summer semi-cool breeze! The sunsets in these months are glorious for a sunset ceremony or beach celebration!
How to get on the island
You can travel by ferry to Milos from mainland Greece through the port of Piraeus in Athens. The main port of Milos is Adamas which is located in the center of the island. The ferry route from Piraeus to Milos runs regularly with weekly trips and the ferry journey between the two ports lasts from 3 to 7 hrs.

Wedding Types on the Island

The scenery is magical and the island can accommodate both religious or symbolic weddings as well as catholic weddings as there is a catholic church. On a beach, on a secluded villa or in the middle of the square, Milos is beautiful!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

The hidden gems of Milos are its colorful fishing villages! In these picturesque villages, you’ll find little whitewashed houses with colorful shutters and boat garages, where fishermen park their colorful little boats. Pop over the villages of Klima and Firopotamos and pretend for a while that you have traveled back in time!

Milos Greece welcomes everyone, but it is particularly popular with couples, which find in the serene natural landscape of Milos the perfect setting for their romantic wedding. Indeed, the numerous caves, mysterious catacombs, and emerald Milos beaches squeeze enough charm to bewitch any couple that chooses this island for their destination wedding.

In our opinion, the decoration we consider the best for the island is whitewashed minimalism with a concept inspired by the simplistic tranquility of Milos or a design with dried foliage and pressed flowers- just timeless!

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

Last but not least, there are local tastes offering a special gastronomic experience. Don’t miss out on watermelon pies, cream cheese pies, and bonbons with white pumpkin served in all the weddings to symbolize good luck and fertility. In the mood for something, you’ve never tasted before? Try the local fish baked in the sand!


Welcome to the island of weddings!

Boasting the typical Cycladic architecture, Sifnos is dotted with cubic whitewashed houses, over 300 (!) beautiful churches, dovecotes, and little earthenware shops. The island oozes a fairytale charm that makes it feel like it’s a world away from the mainland and is the choice of more that 1000 couples each year to tie the knot! Its charm hides in the balance of beautiful beaches, low-key nightlife, white Cycladic villages, low-impact tourism, and maybe the best food in the Cyclades!

What Sifnos is most famous for, is its gastronomy! Home to the famous Greek chef Nikolaos Tselementes, Sifnos has undoubtedly amazing food! You can taste the yummy local recipes, such as capper salad, chickpea soup, and mastelo at the excellent Sifnos restaurants and taverns – all served in amazing ceramic pieces, but more of that later!

One of the best things to do in Sifnos, especially if you want to experience the essence of the island, is to visit the quaint Sifnos villages. Kastro, Artemonas, and Apollonia, the capital of the island are total musts! Get lost in the narrow alleys of Kastro, eat the best local pastries in Artemonas and have a taste of the cosmopolitan side of the island in Apollonia! Every village is a unique potential wedding location!

And what can we say about Sifnos beaches? Their beauty is unreal! Escape the summer heat and take a dip at Chrisopigi beach, under the homonymous whitewashed church, at the cosmopolitan Platis Gialos, at sandy Vathi beach, followed by a seafood meal, and at Kamares, where the island’s port lies! Ideal for couples, Sifnos Greece is one of the best wedding destinations to choose!

Prewedding Tip? Hike past olive groves and chapels
There are around 62 miles (100km) of marked paths, known as the Sifnos Trails, to pound on the island, and many take you to places that can only be reached on foot.

Wedding Season in Sifnos

The perfect season to have a wedding in Sifnos is from May to early October. As with the rest of the Cyclades, Summer starts in May and the friendly weather continues until the beginning of autumn making it a versatile location to have your wedding!

How to get on the island

During the summertime, Sifnos is connected by coastal navigation with Piraeus and with the islands of the line of Milos daily by speedboats and with conventional car ferries. The duration of the trip by a conventional car ferry is five hours and by the speedboats about three hours. It is also connected by coastal navigation with many islands of Cyclades (Paros, Syros, Santorini, Andros, Folegandros etc), as well as with Crete by Milos.

Wedding Types on the Island

Needless to say with so many churches and chapels is the ideal destination for couples that want a religious ceremony, the monastery of Chrisopigi being the most famous monastery to have a wedding! Secluded beaches and intimate locations are perfect for a sunset ceremony or beach celebration!

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

Sifnian clay, from earth fed by rainwater, is renowned. The island’s tradition of pottery stretches back to 3,000 BC, when wares were sold from workshops right on the coast. Many believe the clay pots produced here make the food taste even better. There are several workshops where you can browse ceramic pots, mugs, and decorative pieces, and traditional designs sit alongside more expressive sculptures, beautiful homeware, and objets d’art! Brought into the concept of a wedding, clay wedding favors and welcome gifts, as well as objects inspired by the whitewashed architecture of the island, will add a folkloric yet stylish touch to each wedding day.

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

All over SIfnos, shelves are stacked with boxes of Turkish delight, pasteli (bars with sesame and honey, handed out at weddings), and tubs of ‘submarine’ – a gooey, sugary paste slurped with a spoon. Sifnos, is best-known for amygdalota, fragrant almond sweets prepared in a wood-fired copper pan with lemon-laced syrup, hand-rolled each day with hands dipped in rosewater, giving the thimble-shaped sweets a delicately floral taste – a scent perfect for weddings! Also, raki, a grape-based spirit served at pretty much every occasion is one of the island’s traditional products.


Offering both secluded and organized beaches, mouth-watering food, and a main town of unparalleled beauty, Serifos leaves a lasting impression on couples who choose it for their wedding day! Hora – the island’s main town – is without a doubt one of the most charming in the Cyclades, if not the most charming. Typically Cycladic in its whitewashed architecture, it’s studded with many charming churches and little alleys. You can start your tour at Aghios Athanasios square, commonly known as “Piatsa tis Ano Horas” – a meeting spot for locals – whose features include the neoclassical town hall, Aghios Athanasios church, and quaint, traditional cafes. During the summer, Hora is best explored during sundown, when it gets cooler; sit for a beer or raki (a traditional distilled spirit) to get a feel of an island devoted to quality living.
Serifos Island, with its rugged mining sites, ladened with history, has its own distinct Cycladic flair. The island exudes a calm atmosphere and speaks directly to your senses. Despite its arid and wildland characteristics, Serifos is gracefully embraced by the deep blue colors of the Aegean Sea and has some magnificent beaches.

Chora town is built amphitheatrically on a rocky hill commanding the island from the top. It is one of the most elegant Cycladic towns that will inspire you, even before the ship docks, on your arrival to Serifos. You’ll get to visit two neighborhoods; Pano (meaning upper) Chora and Kato (meaning lower) Chora connected by a stairway. You’ll find some bars, cafés, and tavernas in the town’s narrow streets blending in with the whole scene harmoniously. It is worth taking a 10 minutes walk up to the Venetian castle, built in the 15th century, to drink in the view of the blue sea!

Wedding Season in Serifos

The perfect season to have a wedding in Sifnos is from May to early October. As with the rest of the Cyclades, autumn comes slowly in Greece. The weather is warm and friendly until the last days of summer!

How to get on the island

Serifos is easily accessible by ferry from Piraeus port in Athens and from some islands of the Cyclades, like Milos, Sifnos, and Kythnos. The route from Piraeus port to Serifos lasts approximately 2 hours. During summer, some extra routes are carried out from Lavrion port.

Wedding Types on the Island

As with pretty much all of the islands in the Cyclades, there are many picturesque locations for a wedding day, both religious or symbolic! Monasteries, chapels, beaches, villas with amazing design, there is something for every couple. What’s your style?

Folkart inspiration decoration + Architectural elements

The locals have respected the Cycladic architectural tradition by building white and blue houses making the island’s towns and villages all the more wonderful. Boasting the traditional Cycladic architecture, Serifos island Greece is dotted with little whitewashed houses and churches that come in contrast to the island’s wild natural landscape. Serifos is one of those Greek islands not blighted by overdevelopment, thus it is considered a Greek holiday destination off the beaten tourist trail, perfect for relaxing holidays!
Both Chora Serifos and the island’s villages have been built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture, thus expect to see whitewashed houses, paved streets, and traditional windmills galore! Serifos Chora, in particular, is considered one of the most picturesque capitals of the Cyclades. Perched on the slopes of a hill, the beautiful Chora has a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea, which makes it a wonderful spot for sunset gazing! The islands tradition in ceramics, handwoven fabrics and sweet wine give us the opportunity to incorporate the local elements to each wedding held there, so us to bring culture and thoughtful details to share with the guests.

It’s sweet or nothing: the traditional wedding sweets

If you have a sweet tooth (and on wedding days we always do!) then try pasteli (sesame bar) which is cut in a diamond shape, with an almond in its middle and usually laid down on a lemon leaf as well as Serifos’s delicious sweet wines. Have a go at the marathotiganites (fennel fritters), the xinomizithra (a local white cheese)! One thing we suggest to couples for their wedding day is to end the wedding meal with the tasty pastaki serifou, a dessert made with chocolate pudding – ideal to serve to your guests, right?

Destination wedding in the Cyclades

We hope we gave you an idea or the alternative wedding locations you could choose from in the Cyclades, the understated and more private locations for a wedding! Your wedding location says many things about your personality as a couple! Luckily Greece offers an amazing variety of beautiful islands to kickstart your wedding story on! We will be on your side to make sure your wedding day is completely stress-free, filled with Mediterranean charm, creative flair, and all those little details of zest and freshness! Contact us and let’s talk!

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