Christmas is a feeling rooted deep down in who we are. A safe space, a place that love grows, days and moments sparkling in clarity. For us, Christmas is about the people we love, about coming together, celebrating in a way that is rich in meaning.

In Eventions, Christmas is all about sharing the feeling of being grateful, content, and loved. We’re always celebrating with friends. Our small gathering is focused around a table, where the conversation is flowing and the candles are burning to make the room smell like an old comforting library. This year we were inspired by the atmosphere of “Where the Wild Things Are” mixed with a dash of Scandinavia! Together with Vasilis Kouroupis and his wonderful photographs, Fillo Flower Design Studio, Love Me Do and Anna Foskolou, we put up the warmest Christmas Dinner inspiration to get you in the festive spirit!

Textures and colors

Decorating for Christmas is all about aesthetics – creating zones or areas in your home that look inviting. By combining various textures – metal, textile, paper, wood, felt and ribbon – Christmas decorations look both modern and traditional at the same time. We chose earthy colors (cream, white, grey, sand), and complimentary Christmas colors like green and mustard yellow to achieve a harmonious and modern look.


Flowers and greenery

The bringing of nature into the home in the wintertime is very important, both as a way of protecting it from the freezing temperatures, but also as a celebration of life. Greenery in particular is central to Christmas traditions and a good place to start when you are introducing hygge into the home. Homemade wreaths and winter bouquets are popular ways of using natural decorations and adding those earthy colors and textures. Maria, the very talented floral designer that was there to help us realize the project, got inspired by winter florals and seasonal greenery bringing content to the floral design by using unexpected elements throughout the styling! We got particularly excited with the use of cyclamens and tulips in crisp white to the centerpieces as well as the moss balls!

Vintage crystals and hip ceramics

Our obsession with vintage things is known. Vintage crystals have a unique personality, a character from another era. To give our table a subtle sophistication we added vintage crystal glasses and silverware that belonged to Magda’s great grandmother. A touch of vintage in a modern concept always goes a long way. Also, we used ceramic plates from a little independent ceramic studio in Athens called Lava Toy. They fit perfectly with the concept!

Inviting friends and other paper stories

Equally important to the food is the invitations and dressing up the table! Our dinner invitations doubled up as Christmas cards! With forest elements and printed in a handmade paper they looked like little works of art! The name cards were little envelopes with dried leaves and cardamom seeds that smelled so festive and added texture to the setting perfectly!

Cakes and booze, please

Christmas is part atmosphere, part food! Wondering what’s the best choice? Christmas cake of course! Our Dear friend Anna Foscolou created the perfect festive cakes – one for each guest! Spices and vanilla, nutmeg and ginger, clementines and herbs, nothing smelled and tasted better for Christmas. To complement it? Apple liqueur! Mouthwatering, right?

It’s in the atmosphere

Continuing our small gatherings series, a Christmas dinner is more precious shared among people who love, trust, and cherish each other. Our friends, our little social bubble is all we need to celebrate the season. It doesn’t take a lot of people to bring happiness. Just a fistful of really good ones! And although grand celebrations if something we enjoy, we get the same amount of cheer from smaller gatherings. Small gatherings have a special place in our hearts. Intimate affairs are fantastic to cultivate the feelings, to make for a petite experience filled with warmth and special details!

We hope we inspire you to celebrate a mindful Christmas, centered around the charm of intimate gatherings with friends and the joy of being present in the moment! Being together is all we have! Let’s turn off our phones and celebrate! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Georgia and Magda


The biggest thank you to Vasilis Kouroupis for the beautiful photographs, Fillo Flower Design Studio, Love Me Do, Lava Toy and Anna Foskolou for this shoot, as well as our friends Stamos and Anessa for letting us use their space!

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