Stamos & Anessa

For Stamos and Anessa’s destination wedding in Tinos, it was all about romance and freshness. Candlelight, too. Our lovely couple wanted to offer the guests the experience of an almost mystical wedding atmosphere between the fragrant olive trees. A night all about celebrating their love and an opportunity to share with their guests a concept deep and inspiring to them, their wedding day was curated around the mystery of love.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Tinos. The serenity of the island, its unique architecture, and its distinct personality create the perfect backdrop for a memorable Mediterranean wedding with an authentic greek personality.

The concept was all about freshness with solid Mediterranean details like olive green shades, warm beiges, and browns – perfect not only for the season but for the destination, too.

Anessa got ready in her family home among her friends and family. Peace, serenity, and sharing memories were the focus of the day.

The ceremony decor was inspired by our favorite summer blooms – Queen Anne’s Lace or Wild carrot. We combined them with olive branches, jasmine, and chamomile. Keeping the florals light and minimal created such a lovely balance to the overall feel and look of the decor.  

Anessa arrived at the church accompanied by traditional music of the island. This is one of our favorite wedding customs of the Cycladic islands and it created a lovely and buzzing atmosphere!

We had assembled a dessert table filled with traditional Cycladic treats for guests to enjoy after the ceremony. Our favorites? Almond sweets and honey cookies.

After the ceremony, it was time for Anessa and Stamos to take their post-wedding portraits in the cute streets of the island and catch their breaths before the reception. We always advice couples to take a couple of minutes to themselves after the ceremony, it makes everything more real!

The reception was curated around celebrating al fresco, with pools of light in the fragrant surroundings of the olive grove. The fairy lights and the candles created a mystical atmosphere. We love organic tablescapes like the one we created for this wedding, so uncomplicated and refined.

The night was inspired by traditional greek panegyria, celebrations in Greece all about dancing, enjoying life, being present in the moment, and cherishing each other. We loved it.

Nothing better than dozens of candles to bring warmth to the atmosphere. Our favorite detail of the decor was the vintage glass bottles in green shades. As they were traditionally used in the past to store olive oil, they add charm and nostalgia to the decoration.

The night was inspired by traditional panegyria held in the summer in Greece. It was all about dancing, enjoying life, and being present in the moment. Friends and family gathered around to celebrate the love of Anessa and Stamos, dancing till the morning with tunes from the island.

Stamos and Anessa’s destination wedding in Tinos was warm, beautiful, and refined. Creating this celebration meant so much to us – it was a labor of love for our friends and their love story. Cheers to many more years together and love for ever more!




Magdalene Kourti

Reception Venue

Panagia Kalaman church


Fillo Flowers Studio


Holy Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary

Stationary production & graphic design

Anna Maria Morfoniou



Exo catering Tinos
Michalis Giounanlis
Traditional band
Panagiotis Manessis & Odysseas Tsoumpos