Erica & Anastasis

Erica and Anastasis’s destination wedding in Andros was an affair we’ll remember with fondness, as it was filled with beautiful energy and the sweetest vibes. On the beautiful island of Andros, we designed a celebration focussed on the feelings summer creates in our hearts, infused with unique Mediterranean touches. What better way to encapsulate the romance of our favorite season other than overflowing lush florals, sophisticated details, and brightness?

Andros is a charming island with a long history and a charming balanced character. It is home to beautiful and unique architecture without losing its Cycladic personality, making it a wonderful wedding destination for eclectic couples.

Giving guests the opportunity to soak up all the beauty of the island and get immersed in its unique personality and charm was one of the main goals of the celebration. Andros has a lot to inspire to visitors and our couple wanted to give their guests an experience they’ll cherish forever, filled with sunshine and love.

We adored the atmosphere of the wedding preparations. Erica got ready with her best friends on the morning of the wedding day. The day started on a buzzing note, everyone was ready to celebrate and have a good time. Andros offers the prettiest Chora that was the perfect backdrop for the prewedding captures.

The wedding ceremony took place in the late afternoon, to utilize the wonderful light and give guests the opportunity to experience this special time in the greek summer when Nature starts to rest and everything gets quieter.

For the ceremony, we designed a half-arch area surrounding the wedding arch were Erica and Anastasis would take their vows. We used long-stemmed blooms and lush greenery, as well as our favorite little detail – citrus fruit! The color palette was so natural yet the lilac and bright orange touches gave it an eclectic character we adored!

With their best friends and family looking, Erica and Anastasis got married overlooking the magnificent view of the venue. Sparks were flying as they gave their first kiss as husband and wife!

The reception decor was inspired by the Aegean and we used traditional Cycladic pottery, created specifically for the wedding, paired with garden blooms and local flora. We wanted a laid-back atmosphere that resembled a Mediterranean garden in the summertime. The chairs of the dinner setting were mismatched to add to the overall aesthetics. Of course, the atmosphere was complete with hundreds of fairy lights!

We set the tables in muted gray shades that complemented the concept perfectly while adding balance and sophistication.

Erica and Anastasis’s wedding day in Andros was classy and sophisticated yet laid back and organic, matching perfectly the island’s aesthetics and vibe. The fairy lights made the atmosphere magical and the garden blooms added color and vibrancy. We hope their wedding inspired couples who are thinking of having a destination wedding in Greece. The summer nights in Greece are very beautiful, perfect for a love celebration!




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