Katerina & Adrian

We’ve planned many a wedding in Symi, but this one must be one of our favorites. Katerina and Andrian wanted a flower-filled affair when they envisioned their wedding on the quaint picture-perfect little island of Symi, a gem near Rhodes. We wanted to give them what felt like a garden by the water, that’s why we designed the ceremony location overflowing with blooms – quite a contemporary way of using tall stemmed flowers. It was a dreamy celebration in the late afternoon, overlooking the tiny harbor of the island, as they said their “I dos”.  Refined and chic, this colourful wedding in Symi was heartwarmingly sweet!

It’s hard not to fall in love with Symi. The serenity of the harbor at dusk and its unique architecture create the perfect backdrop for a memorable Mediterranean wedding with an authentic greek personality. Paying homage to the pottery tradition of Symi and the nearby islands, we opted for handmade clay wedding favors in the shape of pomegranates, believed to bring luck and good fortune to each couple.

The main focal point of the day was the ceremony location which was marked with an overflowing flower installation on the edge of the dock where Katerina and Andrian chose to say their I Dos. Tall stemmed flowers usually found in the Mediterranean landscape created a unique garden feel, almost whimsical. It was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. Florals like these always add a modern twist and we love them for it.

For Katerina and Andrian was important to keep everything in a sweet balance, between feeling celebratory and wedding-y, without going overboard and losing the charm of the day. We loved Katerina’s bouquet, it felt bridal but could easily be a bouquet she just picked from the garden.

Since the wedding was going to be held late in the afternoon when the sun hadn’t yet set, we provided guests with Japanese parasols. Also, for the classing post-ceremony rise toss, we mixed rice with fragrant flower petals to spruce it up and give it a lovely twist.

Let’s just say that everyone was emotional when Katerina and Andrian said their vows. The moment was so unique and beautiful. The warm sunlight, the flowers by the water, all the love. They’re moments like this that remind us why we love what we do so much.

It can’t get better that this with a wedding in Symi. The harbor truly bright something inherently unique to each celebration and somehow makes an already magical moment, even more meaningful. We were mesmerized.

See what we mean by these blooms being the perfect wedding backdrop? This is definitely a design to consider when planning a wedding. It adds so much color and charm.

Of course, we had to have polaroids and a colorful reception style to match the ceremony decor and aesthetics!

The dinner was set overlooking the little port and the tables we filled with little bunches of flowers and summer fruit. Of course, candlelight was a must, and natural candles made from beeswax were how we brought warmth and atmosphere to the setting.

Love was overflowing like flowers that night, and everyone had the time of their lives celebrating such a sweet couple!

We are so proud for being next to Andrian and Katerina as they celebrated their beautiful wedding in Symi. Designing their wedding was such a wonderful experience where love was the focus. Symi was the perfect destination for this couple; both laid-back and sophisticated, exactly like they are!




Black On White Studio

Ceremony Venue




Reception venue




Dinner wear

White Lilac




Loukas Toumpakis

Hair styling

E.F. Studio by Elane

Make up

Make up by Viktoria

Wedding Cake

Choco Cake Rodos

We will be forever grateful to Eventions for helping bring our dream wedding to life in the most extraordinary way! From the first time we spoke the duo's energy and passion was evident and our chemistry was immediate, but after months of working together, we can definitely say the attention to detail is their way of thinking investing in all macro and micro details in an equally-important way. The planning process was smooth and effortless, which was very reassuring considering that we live abroad and our wedding was planned in a small island. Our needs were carefully listened to and respected, we were catered with new ideas to best correspond to them and have found solutions to overcome any issue that may have come in the way. The outcome was a dreamy wedding in a unique location, fuelled with pure island bliss, authentic greek philoxenia and care that only comes from someone that loves what they do! Our guests kept talking about it for days! Thank you for everything, Georgia, Magda and Mara! A big hug from Italy. Hope to see you soon.

- Katerina & Andrian