Olympe's christening

This destination baptism in Hydra was a celebration of family and love, the start of a new life for the little Olympe. And what a truly magical place Hydra is to celebrate such a day! Rich in beauty and cultured, this wonderful island was the ideal backdrop for a baptism that was filled with delicate details, summer-inspired elements, and soft delicate colors to remind everyone of the soft sunsets on the island. We had a wonderful time working on this project and we hope it will inspire families to give Hydra a great amount of thought as a destination for an event like this!


With a picturesque little port and a no-car policy, Hydra takes your breath away from the first moment you see it on the horizon, and doesn’t; stop inspiring you until the very end. The stone neoclassical buildings, the little alleys, and the atmosphere of a 19th-century innocence create a majestic setting perfect for a celebration.

For Olympe’s christening which was held in a quaint marble monastery on the hill, we opted for a natural just-picked from the garden aesthetic in the floral arrangements. We used handmade raffia baskets for the florals, a natural touch that complimented the scenery perfectly.

The baptism reception was held in the most beautiful venue of Hydra, the Sunset bar and restaurant on the edge of the cliff. To capture the kid-like wonder and softness, we used mobile decorations that danced softly in the light evening breeze and reminded everyone of dreams of childhood. It had the perfect balance of innocence and sophistication, an event designed to celebrate a baby, without losing the timelessness and freshness.

We set the table with sea treasures and illustrations of mermaids, little Olympe’s favorite fairytale characters. Little bouquets of summer blooms and linen napkins in soft colors added all the character to the reception. Charm pebble stones we collected from the beach were loosely tied around the napkins, creating an earthy balance to the setting and adding a bolder and more fun element to the overall aesthetics. However, what was truly unique were the little christening favors. Handmade boats oozing style and innocent sophistication, they inspired everyone to dream about summer adventures and traveling in the familiar blue of the Aegean – truly unique and refined, we can’t compliment them enough.

We loved the handmade candles in the form of seashells and the urchin flower vases!

As the sunset on the horizon, Olympe’s family laughed, ate, danced, talked, and enjoyed the warm evening in Hydra. As for us, we could not agree more with the statement that from all the Aegean, Hydra has such a distinct and unique glow, that is impossible to resist or fathom. We can’t wait for form more celebrations on the island and we wish this lovely family all the happiness in the world!




Achilleas Colaclides


Marina loves paper boats




White lilac


Sunset Restaurant Hydra