Stavros christening

A sea-inspired delicate baptism celebration in Sifnos, filled with thoughtful details and the most beautiful florals! The most charming christening details, an understated yet sophisticated table setting inspired by the colors of summer in the Mediterranean, and lots of fun – these are only a few of the handpicked elements that made this an unforgettable and happy affair. Captured perfectly by Vasilis Kouroupis, it will inspire you!

If you’ve ever been to Sifnos you know how beautiful this island is for celebrations! We wanted an affair about summer and sea for little Stavros and his family that traveled from worldwide to join this beautiful christening. Set in the historical monastery of Chrysopigi, it was a day filled with details of the sea and love!

How unique are these florals? We wanted to replicate sea flora, so we chose blooms that looked like corals and the end result was so pretty!

We adored the christening details! Since the christening was held mid-summer, we opted for the cutest linen suit, sea-inspired bits, and a muted yet fun color palette throughout to keep it all fresh!

The monstery of Chrisopigi is truly idyllic for a celebration, whether a wedding on a christening and the route is so pretty and scenic, perfect to give guests a visual treat and the coolest sunset views!

Little fish, sea details, and summery colors? The treats stole the show inspired by sea life and the beach. We set the table in calm shades and a pop of terracotta!

The perfect end to the perfect day was dinner by the water with friends. Those summer nights can be intoxicating, especially when love’s around and the sea is just a minute away. Stavros’s family and their friends spent the night dancing and telling stories of summers long gone, the feeling of hope in the air and children laughing merrily. It was the sweetest celebration ever, proof that Sifnos is the perfect island to hold an affair to remember!




Vasilis Kouroupis


Filo Flower


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Chrysopigi Church