Fedon christening

A farm-to-table organic baptism celebration in Rhodes, filled with thoughtful details and the most beautiful wedding favors! A picnic area, an understated yet sophisticated table setting inspired by the colors of sunshine, and lots of fun – these are only a few of the handpicked elements that made this an unforgettable and happy affair. Captured perfectly by Magdalene Kourti, it will inspire you!

Celebrating all the elements of a farm with a custom made baptism package and lots of organic elements throughout the styling, like fresh summer fruit, gingham details, and lots of sunshine!

How cute are these strawmen as baptism favors? They were specially handmade for the day and every guest loved them! If the theme is “farm chic” then a strawman is definitely part of the concept!

Going all the way with hay packs and farm decor. Organic, eco-friendly, and very summery, everything was inspired by the farm-to-table way of life!

The picnic area was fuss-free and very friendly for the little ones, we provided coloring books and activists that kept them entertained while the parents enjoyed their cocktails!

Fruit, flowers, grass; the decor was inspired by the naturality of the rural life!

We designed the dining area with conversation and warmth in mind, focusing on the elements that would make the atmosphere inviting and would encourage togetherness! Fairy lights and candles were definitely on the menu!




Magdalene Kourti


Choco cake




Meletis Kanakis


Private villa, Rhodes