Olivia & Alfred

Olivia and Alfred had only one thing in mind when visioning their elopement in Greece, make it as unique and as charming as possible. The inspiration behind their elopement on Andros, featured on 100 Layer Cake, was the authentic greek personality of a traditional wedding in Greece, with nods to elements of the past like crochet finished fabrics, the warmth of raw leather, and effortless florals just picked from the garden. Andros offers the slower pace and potential for serendipity that many busier destinations have gradually lost, making this destination a very romantic one for a summer elopement rich in culture.

Being the twenty-first-century escapists we are, we were thrilled to discover Mèlisses, a guesthouse painterly situated above the ancient underwater ruins of Palaeopolis. It was perfect for Olivia and Alfred’s elopement– tiny enough to be charming and full of a buzzing personality!

The wedding dress was inspired by the traditional wedding dresses of Ioannina town in Greece, a destination with long and unique sartorial history, perfect for the modern free-spirited and feminine bride Olivia was. She paired her dress with timelessly elegant leather sandals crafted in Greece, a must-have for summer nights on the Greek islands.

We love wedding designs that are effortless, natural and have a just-grown feeling and freshness, especially to everything that has to do with florals. All florals used for Olivia and Alfred’s wedding could be found around the island and they highlighted the youthful atmosphere of an elopement in the summer. Freshly cut greenery, little white blooms, and an abundance of seasonal herbs made the atmosphere fragrant and lovely, and most of the floral design was almost blooming naturally, shaping the ceremony setting.

The ceremony was held among perfectly white and sage-scented cotton sheets, reminding us of fresh laundry in the garden. Among the lavender, olive trees, and Mediterranean herbs Olivia and Alfred said their vows.

The bridal bouquet was an ode to natural minimalism with delicate flowers and greenery effortlessly bound together.

We created a dessert table that encapsulated the laid-back atmosphere of the celebration and was filled with delicate and natural wedding treats. Amygdalota (moist and fragrant almond cookies) from the Cyclades, traditional sesame bars from the nearby islands, and fresh desserts with fruit gave everyone a taste of Greece.

Also, we figured gifting guests with various dried flowers and herbs to use as wardrobe refreshers. Lavender, sage, and chamomile are so lovely and make clothes smell so delicately.

For Olivia and Alfred’s dinner, we wanted to create an atmosphere that celebrated coming together and sharing a moment, a soul-filling gathering for friends.

For the handful of friends joining Olivia and Alfred, we created a beautiful table oozing with Greek charm.

We set the table in eclectic ceramics and unique bone-colored handmade plates from our favorite ceramist. Maria’s garden florals gave the prettiest dimension to the setting and the table was complete with fresh fruit and local produce, candles, and the most unique wedding favors.

Every detail was curated to celebrate the greek personality and the unique character of a wedding in Greece.

We love small artisan brands, and we paid homage to their creativity and endless inspiration with handmade soaps as wedding favors for the guests, and natural beeswax candles to honor the name “Melisses” which means honey bees in Greek. Olivia and Alfred’s wedding captured the essence of what summer feels like in the Greek islands, how delicate yet bursting in colors and scents the atmosphere is, and how the blue of the sea and the vastness of the sky calm the mind and the heart.




Jacobo Pachon

Bridal styling

Gown: Nidodileda
Jewerly: Prigipo
Second dress: Madame shou shou
Underwear: Mind your style
Silk gown: ether
Sandals: Mythologia


Filo Flower studio


Stationary: Love me do
Organic shops: Alchemia self-care rituals
Clay Komboloi: Anna Barota


Melisses Andros

Hair/make up

Vassia Papakonstantinou

Flatlay styling

Hermione Tsentidou

Art de la table

Ceramic plates: Lavatoy
Napkins: Coq Grec
Candle sticks: Melicera