Electra's Christening

Electra’s parents chose Loutraki for her christening. It’s a place known for its picturesque seaside location, making it an ideal choice for a modern christening. Imagine the gentle sound of the waves in the background as your loved ones gather to celebrate this special occasion. The stunning natural beauty of Loutraki provides a peaceful and relaxing ambiance, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable event. And that’s the reason why Electra’s christening took place there!

We wanted a special event so incorporated the latest trends in event planning and decor. From personalized party favors to interactive entertainment options, there are plenty of ways to add a contemporary touch to your celebration. We opted for modern and stylish decorations, such as minimalist centerpieces and chic table settings, to create a sophisticated and on-trend ambiance.

We do believe that at the heart of any celebration is an opportunity to create meaningful moments with your loved ones. At this christening, Loutraki provides the perfect backdrop for bringing family and friends together to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Our advice is to remember to utilize the latest trends and modern ideas for a christening celebration that is not only memorable but also reflects your personal style and preferences.

Moreover, make this special event even more unique by choosing custom made elements for a modern christening celebration.

When we are planning a christening party, it’s important to us to keep things simple and focused on the celebration of the child’s baptism. For decorations, we opt for simple and elegant touches such as white and pastel colors, candles, and floral arrangements.

We do keep the menu light and easy with finger foods, handmade sweets, and a cake or dessert table. Let’s create together an unforgettable celebration for your child.




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