Anna & Dinos

Anna and Dinos’s destination wedding in Sifnos was a weekend filled with love, breezy Mediterranean atmosphere, and fairy lights. Curated with the guests in mind, we wanted to give everyone a welcoming and warm experience they’ll remember for life and celebrate Anna and Dinos in the best way possible! They wanted a summer affair on their favorite island, and Sifnos is such a beautiful destination to have a wedding. The island’s personality and ambiance, the couple’s taste, and style, and the stunning surrounding of Lazarou Beach translated into an affair captivating and very pretty!

The stationery was inspired by the Aegean blues and delicate whites. A pop of dried flowers as a note to summer and sealing wax kept it refined yet natural.

The wedding favors were one of our favorite parts. Inspired by Sifnos, we used pebble-shaped treats and natural handmade artisanal soap to give the wedding a unique and inspiring scent.

The wedding ceremony took place on the Monastery of Chrysopigi. It was so windy ( as it often happens in the Cyclades) but beautiful and heartwarming nonetheless! The guests alongside Dinos waited for Anna and everyone was so positive and excited!

We wanted to add just enough decoration, as the locale was already so picturesque, and chose to highlight the church entrance by using a summer flower garland.

White florals like roses, Queen Anne’s lace, and hypericum berries were perfect for a natural and laid-back floral decoration.

What’s a wedding without treats? To treat the guests after the ceremony we designed a dessert table with local treats and sweets, like almond cookies (the world-famous Cycladic amygdalota) and other treats locals give to weddings. For the decoration, we used local and traditional pottery pieces. Everyone loved it!

The reception was held at one of the must-see places in Sifnos, Lazarou Beach, a wedding venue literally on the edge of the rock.

For the decoration of the dinner area, we used traditional ceramics called “Flaros”. Flaros is the top part of the clay chimney on the island and people since ancient times, decorated it with interesting shapes and patterns, making it one of the pieces that remind us of Sifnos the most. It added such character to the wedding day!

We added delicate florals, candlelight, and hundreds of fairy lights. The atmosphere was so inviting and warm, everyone felt really comfortable, enjoyed the traditional cuisine of the island through the thoughtfully curated menu, and had a lovely time.

The tableware was refined and minimal and we placed the wedding favors on top of the plates, so each guest found the special treat upon arriving in the dining area.

We loved the ambiance the dozens of candles gave to the dinner reception. It was as if lit from within with an inviting and very calming glow.

The dinner reception was overlooking the sea, so the guests had time to fully immerse themselves in the ambiance of the balmy night.

After dinner, it was time for the party! The couple and their friends partied all night long, while the sound of the waves was fading into the party music and vice versa. Definitely, a night to remember, Anna and Dinos’s wedding day was charming and proof that is always fun whisking your friends and family away for a wedding in one of the most picturesque and beautiful islands!




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