Chrisanthina's christening in Lindos

The Kumquat fruit was the focal point for this christening in Lindos! The ceremony and the dinner, both set up at the outer space of a private church. A refreshments table with chilled flavoured water was placed on a rustic set up to greet the guests at the ceremony area. Wooden trays were filled with lots of lemons, grapes, oranges and kumquat fruits for a breeze touch! We created a mini polaroid corner at the same spot, with a kumquat fruit as a focal point on a hand-painted wish book. For the dinner we designed a long communal table with hanging foliage for 100 guests. Straw placemats, green coloured glasses, hanging mirrors as table numbers and greenery with kumquats in ceramic pots were among the delicate details for this art de la table. The guests found on their seat special gifts that were custom-made according to the concept. The bar van was serving signature cocktails and spirits the whole night!




Stelios Kalisperis


One day production


Lindos Flowers


Loukas Toumbakis


Private church in Lindos


Katia Samantzi

Sound & lighting

Meletis Kanakis Soundsystems


Food: Castello Rosso
Drinks: Myga bar van