Alexandra & Apostolos

Alexandra and Apostolos celebrated their love on Kythira island. This island has long had an air of romance attached to it. According to myths, the sea of Kythira is the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite.For our bride, this was a very sentimental and familiar place filled with happy childhood memories. It was the ideal location for their destination wedding. Inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of the island and its natural beauty, they wanted us to create a memorable wedding weekend with their friends and family.

The destination celebration kicked off with a day of a boat cruise at a hidden cave of Chitra island , followed by a welcome party at a small bar of Avlemonas village. On the wedding day they “tied the knot” at the church of Avlemonas village and celebrated with a dinner-and-dance party at a secluded spot with an impeccable view of the water. For the wedding decoration we opted for a neutral color palette with minimalist  greenery—infused with yellow, burgundy and white tones—which married perfectly with the colours of Kythira island.

Avlemonas village was filled with joy and love. Almost all the guests stayed at this village for the destination wedding weekend.

The bridal preparations took place at a nice house overlooking Avlemonas bay. Our stunning bride was wearing a unique handmade gown made by Atelier Zolotas, with bohemian chic references perfectly fit with the island style wedding! She completed her look with a flower crown made by white fresias, yellow craspedias and greenery.  The flower crowns are actually steeped in tradition and date all the way back to ancient Greece.

The bride and groom on their way to “tie the knot”. All the guests were gathered at Avlemonas village main square and along with traditional musicians, escorted the couple to the church.

At the ceremony area, the guests were treated with local delicacies! Traditional desserts, freshly squeezed lemonade and a local liquor known as “Fatourada”.The colours of the flowers were inspired by elements of the island; from the “mascot” flower of Kythera island known as sempreviva, which is yellow and you’ll see splashed everywhere and from the burgundy colour of “Fatourada” in peonies and celosias!

For the dinner and party we literally transformed the small harbour of this fishing village to a positively gorgeous wedding venue. The long tables with lush foliage garlands and bright pops of flowers were as magnificent as its surroundings!

A polaroid guest book corner was the perfect idea for the couple to collect memories and wishes from their guests! Sugar coated almonds known as “koufeta” were given to the guests as part of the tradition in greek orthodox weddings. They symbolise purity, fertility and the sweetness of married life.

The intimate setting by the water, the island’s  surroundings, the delicate decor and the warm, relaxed atmosphere were the elements that made this destination wedding unique!










Atelier Zolotas


Avlemonas village- Kithira island