Elia's christening

chistening decor in Rhodes for a destination baptism in greece by eventions

This christening brought bursts of vibrant colour to this boho style beach restaurant in Rhodes. We took our inspiration from “One thousand and one nights”, Indian, Moroccan and Arabic materials and its palettes of colours! The tables are filled with bold decorations with a mix of silver and gold trays, flowers in yellow, orange and fuchsia and decorative animal figures for a playful touch. Silver glitters covered the satin fuchsia runner for an eye catching glam style! Our desserts table is featuring colourful cookies and cupcakes in ethnic designs, delicious tarts with pomegranate flavour, vibrant florals and custom-made wooden animals decorated with bold feathers and ribbons from India. The handmade backdrop curtain is adorned with playful tassels, pom poms, feathers and dreamcatchers for a festive look!




Sofia Petridena




Greenshow by Hantzimanetas