Alexandre & Alexandra

Destination wedding in Symi island

Alexandra & Alexandre always thinking of a destination wedding in a Greek island that will experience all the greek traditions together with their closest friends and family. As Alexandra’s father is Symian and she used to spend all her summers there as a child, they decided that Symi is the absolute destination to accomplish their dream. They travelled from Paris for a unique wedding weekend full of fun and full of joy. The couple put meaning into every moment and every single detail of their special day. We were very excited working with such a creative couple. All the thoughtful details in the weekend made this destination wedding truly shine. The colors of the wedding were cobalt blue, white, yellow and green totally inspired by Greece.

The couple love the color combinations of Symian mansions mixed with the blue sky & the shimmering light of sun. That is why they truly wanted a pre wedding photoshoot around the small streets of Symi.

The preparations of the bride took place in her beautiful traditional house. Her bridal style was inspired by the ancient greek goddesses. In the entrance of the house were served kourabiedes, the traditional Greek wedding cookie and of course in order to keep the authenticity of the Greek feel, Alexandra did follow the wedding custom with writing bridesmaids names on the sole of her shoes as a way to determine who will get married next.


When the bride finished her preparations , her closest girlfriends opened the way that would lead her to the groom, with throwing water made by flowers that was kept inside traditional ceramics. The bride walked till the groom with the escort of her father, close friends & family and the sounds of traditional greek violin & bouzouki.

The wedding had a dress code! Everybody should wear cobalt blue except the bridesmaids that were in total yellow. The beautiful and necessary umbrellas for a summer destination wedding, worked complementary to the charming scenery, adding a nostalgic feeling of another decade. Another detail that is worth to mention, is the custom wedding collaterals picturing the map of the island and all the different locations that the wedding weekend took place. Such a stimulate and helpful idea.

In abundance of twinkling lights at the harbor, the couple was ready to split with a kiss and head separately in two different boats to the pittoresque church of Agia Marina. Traditional greek dancers escorted them in order to open and close the wedding ceremony with a traditional greek dance.

It was so romantic and pleasing that throughout the whole wedding weekend you could easily distinct the people that have been in the island of Symi for Alexandre & Alexandra’s wedding and that is why we had created various small gifts for them. Some were wearing the coral necklaces, some others the straw summer hats or they were holding the beautiful umbrellas and of course almost everyone was holding the custom canvas bags with the drawing of Symi.

Alexandra dreamt of a wedding bouquet totally white with some pops of green. We went with white peonies and a very small touch of olive branches for a clean and completely elegant result. Right after the wedding ceremony a lot of fun moments were captured between the bride & her girlfriends.

Our couple were passionate with thoughtful details and they loved the idea of creating little surprises for their guests. We designed paper boats as place cards, handmade ceramic plates from a local ceramist and the typical “bobonieras” with a greek evil eye as wedding gifts. The blue patterned napkin was decorated with a sea shells necklace that all the guests were wearing during the party.  A funny game with cards was a creative touch to break the ice among the wedding guests!


Every time we sail to Symi for a destination wedding we always come back with the feeling of “we wanted to last more” !




Stelios Kalisperis Photography


Kostas Agianitis




Meletis Kanakis


Agia Marina


Loukas Toumbakis

Folk costumes, symian dancers & musicians

Cultural association of Symi island


Dancing association “Choropatimata”