Mai & Jason

Destination wedding in Lindos

For Mai and Jason, no distance was too far to travel for their dreamy destination wedding. All the way from New York, the couple chose Lindos, the most picturesque village in Rhodes. Their friends and family gathered at a sun-drenched sanctuary perched on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea to witness the two proclaim their love for each other. This venue on the brink of the village is an ultimate place for an intimate ceremony and our clients had exclusive access to it, both during the wedding ceremony and the reception. On a balmy Saturday afternoon, Mai and Jason tied the knot at the foot of the whitewashed chapel, under a wooden chuppah garnished with eucalyptus, anthurium, and bright pink pampas grass. As the guests moved to the reception area, they could savor their drinks under the clear sky that shifted from day to dusk. The evening was followed by a delightful Mediterranean-style dinner served by a long table. Adorned with subtle fresh and dried flowers juxtaposed with tinted grass, the organic tablescape added to the romantic yet modern ambience of the celebration. 

On the morning of the wedding, the bride and groom honored the tradition of preparing for the ceremony separately. The whole party stayed in charming villas with a sea view, just a few minutes away from the venue. 

The decorations of the ceremony area were a play of greens, bright and soft pinks, earthy neutrals, and pops of azure – a harmonious nod to the eternally blue seascape. The whitewashed chapel was the perfect backdrop, gracing the whole scene with rustic charm. To quench the thirst on a summer day like this, we always set up a cooling corner with lemon-and-mint-infused water full of natural electrolytes for extra hydration.

The flower-clad chuppah brought a modern twist to the otherwise traditional Jewish celebration that included a Ketubah – a marriage contract that each family member signed after giving a word of marriage advice and blessing. To make everyone feel even more involved in this beautiful ritual, we created a ceremony booklet with a detailed explanation of the sacrament. We also provided straw hand fans to keep the guests comfortable and cool throughout the day.

For the evening, the tablescape epitomized contemporary romance, whilst being warm and inviting at the same time. The centre of the long table was punctuated by versatile floral arrangements defined by celosias, roses, pampas grass and wheat.

As the bride and groom were announced at the reception, the bridesmaids led the way with a dance routine that spread party vibes and positive energy across the place, creating the perfect entrance for the newlywed. 

To further the romantic atmosphere of the dining experience, we introduced tall candles in light pink, while the mix of silver cutlery, gold-coloured vases and handcrafted ceramics created a textured look.   

As the sun slowly sank into the Mediterranean blue, the love of the couple kept the evening aglow.




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