Eri & Yannis

Eri and Yanni’s destination wedding in Tinos was a summer affair filled with sunlight, scents of the Mediterranean, and love. Their friends and family followed them to the wonderful island of Tinos which has one of the most inspiring histories and landscapes of the Cyclades. A wedding infused with colorful details and eclectic touches, celebrated by the water. Inspiring for all couples to be, this wedding in Tinos has such a strong greek personality while being delightfully unique!

Tinos is one of the prettiest islands of Greece, with quaint and picturesque villages untouched by time. It’s a wonderful wedding destination for couples that want a cosmopolitan touch to their celebration!

Eri chose a delicate wedding dress that highlighted the summery character of the wedding day and was perfect for a wedding in the Aegean.

One of the wedding customs we love the most in Greece is how the groom waits for his bride on the stairs of the church, while all their friends wait alongside them till she comes. It’s very moving.

Music is deeply rooted in the Greek personality. A couple of local musicians with traditional music instruments accompanied Eri and her family at church. It was so sweet.

We decorated the entrance of the church with natural handwoven baskets filled with summer blooms and pampas grass – very appropriate for the season!

The sky filled up with confetti as Eri and Yiannis stepped out of the church. It was a very happy and moving moment, filled with so much love!

Some moments mean so much more when all the friends are by your side. Eri and Yiannis chose to have an abundance of friends and family at their wedding because for them it brought so much more warmth to their celebration.

After the ceremony, it was time for the reception that was held in a stunning venue on the beach. We designed the concept around their favorite colors with a pop of brightness and red touches. Our favorite part? Cotton buds in the centerpieces – a quite eclectic and unique touch, especially for a wedding held in the summer. The result was very beautiful.

What’s a wedding without wedding gifts? We love organic favors and we wanted to give guests a scent of Greece, that is why we used natural artisanal soap in the wedding favors, in organic boxes decorated with dried floral buds. Everyone loved the detailing and the summer scent.

The color palette turned our incredibly modern and refined, without losing its laid-back flair and organic feeling. The tapered candles and the pampas grass were the highlights of the dinner table!

The view was awe-worthy and guests had the opportunity to see the sky fall from sunset orange to deep midnight blue as they enjoyed their dinner. It was a night to remember.

We loved designing Eri and Yiannis’s wedding day in Tinos. Their destination wedding was filled with love and warmth from their friends and family. As the tale goes, they were a man and the woman who fell in love in the summertime and sealed their forever partnership in summer, too. We loved being a part of their wedding and we wish them many years of love and happiness!




Achilleas Colaclides


Ena Karo Tinos


Studio 7 Mykonos


Loukas Toubakis


Bianco Tinos

Graphic design

Ioanna Marasioti