Christening in Symi island

A bright and bougainvillea-filled destination christening in Symi with the spark of summer, inspired by the picturesque scenery of the island.¬†Childen’s events are a lovely opportunity to work with brighter colors and playful local elements. Bougainvillea is abundant in the Symi, adding it to the concept only felt natural, as well as the christening favors inspired by the unique architecture of Symi. We created a heart arch decorated with bougainvillea to welcome guests in the reception and set the tone for a lovely celebration!¬†Our favorite parts from this destination christening in Symi? The delicate drawings in the stationery and the minimal reception decor with the pops of color!

The baptism favors of dreams! The cute little wooden houses inspired by Symi’s architecture were very pretty and a truly unique keepsake!

Bougainvillea pink – another reason we love summers in Greece and the perfect flower to use on the decorations!

Modern but make it cute – it’s a baptism day after all!

Traditional and locally sourced pottery pieces and freshly cut bougainvillea flowers.




Sofia Petridena


Symi island


Symi flowers

Baptism box

Infinity by Ioanna Papapetrou


Be my guest kids


Choco cake